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A jack of all trades when it comes to gaming. I can sit down for hours in a casual playthrough of Pokémon, or I can spend months trying to hit Diamond in League of Legends. I love and appreciate everything about games, and love sharing that passion with my readers.

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Guides from ReOcelot

Standing near the entrance of Cerulean Cave (Pokémon FireRed)

How To Access Cerulean Cave in Pokémon FRLG

Pokémon FRLG
Standing on the north side of Five Isle Meadow (Pokémon FireRed)

Five Isle Meadow Location Guide (Pokémon FRLG)

Pokémon FRLG
Standing in Pattern Bush on Six Island (Pokémon FireRed)

Pattern Bush Location + Ultimate Horn Guide (Pokémon FRLG)

Pokémon FRLG
Using Waterfall in Icefall Cave (Pokémon FireRed)

How To Get the Sapphire in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen

Pokémon FRLG
Surfing down the Water Path in Pokémon FireRed

Water Path Location + All Items (Pokémon FRLG)

Pokémon FRLG
The Gentleman NPC at the Water Labyrinth (Pokémon FireRed)

Water Labyrinth Location + Togepi Egg Guide (Pokémon FRLG)

Pokémon FRLG
Standing with Lostelle in Berry Forest (Pokémon FireRed)

Berry Forest in Pokémon FRLG (Location + All Items)

Pokémon FRLG
Sitting with the Move Maniac NPC in Pokémon FireRed

Pokémon FRLG Move Maniac: Location + How To Relearn Moves

Pokémon FRLG