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Shaun van Rensburg lives in South Africa and holds a BA in creative writing. He primarily writes fiction, but when he was a child, he wanted to be a cryptozoologist--hence his fondness for the monster-taming genre. Equine-inspired Pokémon are his favourite.

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Guides from Shaun van Rensburg

Aipom and Ambipom with some of the Pickup ability items (HeartGold)

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How To Get the ExtremeSpeed Dratini in Pokémon HGSS (Answer Table)

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Screenshot when trading a Pokémon in HeartGold

Pokémon HGSS: All In-Game Trades + Locations

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EV Training Guide + Best Locations (Pokémon HGSS)

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How To Learn Headbutt + Special Tree Locations (Pokémon HGSS)

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