Breaker Barracks: Proving Grounds 1 (Bastion Guide)

Archery Range in Breaker Barracks (Bastion)

The Breaker Barracks tests your mastery of the Breaker’s Bow. It challenges your ability to line up the perfect shot that can pierce through many targets.

The goal is to pop 13 balloons with as few arrows as possible.

Your reward depends on the number of shots made:

Breaker Barracks
Rank Requirement Reward
1st 5 shots or fewer “Breaker Volley” Secret Skill
2nd 10 shots or fewer “Something Fancy” Upgrade Material
3rd First clear “Something Stringy” Upgrade Material


It’ll be hard to reach 1st place with the basic Bow, so you should at least get its tier 1 penetration upgrade. If you don’t have its material, you can settle for 3rd rank first, so that way you can do the upgrade and then revisit the level.

You may even attempt this later when you’ve gotten its tier 3 upgrade, where you can buy one more material from the Lost-and-Found. You’re guaranteed to win with this setting:

Tier Upgrade Name Effect
1 Power String +2 Target Penetration
2 Stabweed Arrowheads +50% Damage
3 Reinforced Bow Limbs +2 Target Penetration
Choose These Upgrades in the Forge / Bastion
Choose These Upgrades in the Forge

Optimal Strategy + Tips

All targets except one are arranged in a loose wedge formation. They’re scattered in a way that you can only hit 3–4 of them at most. The single outlier is floating near the Skyway.

The targets are also sturdy.

With the damage upgrade, a regular fully-drawn shot can pierce them fine. Otherwise, you’ll need to do Power Shots to maximize your damage.

Refer to the screenshots below for the optimal strategy to line up your shots.

First Shot / Bastion
First Shot
Second Shot / Bastion
Second Shot
Third Shot / Bastion
Third Shot
Fourth Shot / Bastion
Fourth Shot
Fifth Shot / Bastion
Fifth Shot

There’s no time limit, so take as much time as you need.

And to restart the challenge without leaving the level, you can press the switch on the lower left.

Restart Button / Bastion
Restart Button


Getting All Three Rewards / Bastion
Getting All Three Rewards

With the 3rd and 2nd ranks, you’ll get materials for the Breaker’s Bow and the Army Carbine.

You’ll get the Army Carbine in Point Lemagne, which becomes available in the second half of the game. The 1st prize is the other Secret Skill for the Bow named Breaker Volley:

Secret Skill: Breaker Volley (Breaker’s Bow) / Bastion

Secret Skill: Breaker Volley (Breaker’s Bow)

You shoot five straight arrows in close succession. They all penetrate through enemies, and you can tilt your aim for each shot. This Skill is great for clearing corridors.

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