How To Get Fragments in Bastion (Farming Guide)

Collecting Vigil Bounties from Memorial in Bastion

Bastion uses fragments as its money/currency. You can get enough fragments to complete the game just by doing the story stages.

But that won’t be enough to fully upgrade your weapons and to buy every spirit, idol, and special skill.

So to get more fragments quickly, you can do any of this optional content:

  1. The Bullhead Court Proving Ground (once-only)
  2. The Vigils of the Memorial (once-only)
  3. Dream Stages (repeatable)

The first two are one-time rewards only, but they’re relatively easy to do. The Vigils may be the most lucrative of the three; however, they can take some time to complete as they’re mostly milestone challenges.

On the other hand, the Dream Stages contain the hardest fights in the game, but they’re repeatable. As long as you can beat them, they are really the best sustainable source of farming fragments.

Method 1: Bullhead Court

The Bullhead Court is the proving ground for the shield. It becomes available after beating Cinderbrick Fort.

You’ll be tested at how skilled you are at deflecting attacks to defeat enemies. You can’t upgrade the shield, but these two spirits can provide a little bit of help:

Spirit Effect Where to Find
Cinderbrick Stout +33% speed while defending Unlocked after building the Distillery in the Bastion
Lunkhead Liqueur +100% counter-block damage Can be bought for 200 fragments in the Lost-and-Found

Aside from that, the rest is purely based on your ability and patience.

The challenge has no time limit; take your time to observe your foes and learn their attack patterns.

The hardest and final enemy is a Scumbag. It leaves a trail of ooze as they move, which can damage you. It also becomes faster and smaller every time it gets damaged.

After counter-blocking it, move far away so you can readjust your sense of timing to match its increased speed.

Completing the challenge rewards you with fragments. The amount you get depends on how many times you’ve been hit:

Rank Challenge Fragments
Third Place Clear stage 250
Second Place Clear stage with 15 hits or less 500
First Place Clear stage with 3 hits or less 1000
Earning the Fragments After Getting First Place / Bastion
Earning the Fragments After Getting First Place

Method 2: Memorial Vigils

The Memorial contains milestone challenges (a.k.a. Vigils), which give you fragments upon completion.

You’ll eventually fulfill most of them as you play the game normally.

The tricky ones are the weapon-specific Vigils. Some of them can be completed accidentally just by using them. For the ones that need you to deal a certain amount of damage, you’ll have to upgrade your weapons to reach their required threshold.

Each Vigil can be completed only once. Their requirements and rewards are:

Vigil Milestone Goal Fragments
The Valediction Build the Memorial 250
The Dynasty Get first prize in 7 Proving Grounds 5000
The Culture Collect 15 Mementos 1500
The Service Learn 20 Secret Skills 2000
The Country Restore 13,000 land pieces via travel and exploration 2000
The Mercy Defeat the required number of 15 different species of beasts 1000
The Masons Deal at least 70 damage with one blow of the Cael Hammer 500
The Breakers Defeat 3 foes with a single power shot of the Breaker’s Bow 500
The Trappers Defeat a hardy foe with a clip’s last bolt of the Fang Repeater 500
The Menders While under 20 health, defeat a foe by blocking its melee attack with the shield 500
The Gravers Strike a foe 15 consecutive times without missing with the War Machete 500
The Marshals Defeat 10 or more foes with one shot of the Scrap Musket 500
The Slingers Shoot a single foe 12 times without missing with the Dueling Pistols 500
The Brushers Defeat a foe with a thrust and then a throw of the Brusher’s Pike 500
The Triggers Defeat a foe from extreme range with a power shot of the Army Carbine 500
The Cinders Defeat 20 foes with one continuous stream of the Flame Bellows without taking damage 500
The Skippers Deal 999 damage with one shell of the Galleon Mortar 500
The Mancers Defeat 3 foes with one shot of the Calamity Cannon 500
The Inspiration Upgrade 5 weapons to level 3 2000
The City Spend over 10,000 fragments 2500
The Conscience Reach level 5 1500
The Sanctuary Upgrade all buildings 2000
The Faith Survive a round of a Dream with at least one idol invoked 3000

Method 3: Dream Stages (Repeatable)

There are four optional “Dream” stages.

They’re gauntlets of 18–20 waves of enemies. Surviving them rewards you with bonus XP and fragments, and these stages can be repeated as many times as you want.

It’s highly recommended that you attempt these stages in the New Game Plus. You’ll have access to more weapons, spirits, and skills by then.

You’ll also want to set Leechade as one of your spirits. It recovers your health when you damage foes, which can greatly increase your survivability. You can buy it from the True Lost-and-Found for 1000 fragments.

Note: Upgrading to the True Lost-and-Found requires a Shard from a story stage. You get your first one in Jawson’s Bog.

You can experience a Dream by interacting with the main characters’ special mementos in the Bastion. They automatically appear just south of the Bastion’s monument after completing certain stages:

Dream Stage Memento Stage Enemy Set
The Kid’s Dream Zulf’s Pipe Cinderbrick Fort Caelondian
The Singer’s Dream Zia’s Stockpot Point Lemaign Creatures of the Wilds
The Survivor’s Dream Kid’s Bedroll Zulten’s Hollow Ura
The Stranger’s Dream History Books The Bastion (New Game Plus)* Everything
*You receive the Books after getting your second building in a New Game Plus.
The Stockpot and the Pipe / Bastion
The Stockpot and the Pipe

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