Grady Incinerator: Proving Grounds 10 (Bastion Guide)

Grady Incinerator starting screenshot in Bastion

Grady Incinerator is the proving grounds for the Fire Bellows.

In this test, you’re given 30 seconds to fry as many Peckers as you can. There’re 72 of them, and they appear in three groups across three sections.

If you can dispose of them all within the allotted time limit, you’ll win the 1st prize.

Grady Incinerator
Rank Requirement Reward
1st All 72 Peckers “Ring of Fire” Secret Skill
2nd 60 Peckers or more “Something Sharp” Upgrade Material
3rd First clear “Something Foul” Upgrade Material


Hotter and Longer-Lasting Flames / Bastion
Hotter and Longer-Lasting Flames

You’ll need at least one of the two fuel generation upgrades for the Fire Bellows, which are at tiers 1 and 3.

Without those upgrades, you’ll often have to wait for your Bellows to recharge. This can slow down your momentum and prevent you from getting all the Peckers.

The other choice at tier 1 widens the spread of your flames. It’s a great alternative if you have access to the tier 3 fuel upgrade.

For the tier 2 upgrade, choose the one that gives you +1 damage per flame. This lets you fry Peckers with one sweep.

Fire Bellows Upgrades
Tier Upgrade Name Effect
1 Sustainable Fuel +20% Fuel generation
2 Thermite Reservoir +1 Damage per flame
3 Cooling Intake +20% Fuel generation

Strategy + Tips

You Can See the Shadows of Where the Peckers Will Land / Bastion
You Can See the Shadows of Where the Peckers Will Land

Tip #1: Roll towards the center of your targets’ landing zone

As soon as you pick up the Bellows, roll forward to the center of the area. You’ll beat the Peckers to where they’ll land.

You’ll also see them descending from the sky. While they’re still doing that, you should let loose with the Bellows.

You’ll fry many of them before the rest starts moving.

Some Peckers Will Attack You While a Few Will Fly in Circles / Bastion
Some Peckers Will Attack You While a Few Will Fly in Circles

Tip #2: Focus on frying the Peckers instead of trying to avoid them

You can fry more Peckers if you’re close to a pack.

Don’t worry about getting damaged because there are health potions between each area. You can’t miss them as you move to the next bird batch.

You also have three potions on hand by default.

So concentrate on tracking and burning the Peckers.


72 Peckers Served for the Prizes / Bastion
72 Peckers Served for the Prizes

When the timer runs out, the Skybridge at the third area will activate. Use it to go back to the starting point, where you can claim your prizes.

  • You’ll always get a Something Foul after your first attempt.
  • If you fry at least 60 Peckers, then you’ll also get a Something Sharp for the War Machete.
  • If you fry all 72 Peckers, you’ll unlock the “Ring of Fire” Secret Skill for the Bellows.
Secret Skill: Ring of Fire (Fire Bellows) / Bastion

Secret Skill: Ring of Fire
(Fire Bellows)

You unleash a perfect ring of fire around you. This travels outward, burning any enemy it comes across.

The damage is based on your Bellows’s existing upgrades. It can devastate a crowd and prevent foes from overwhelming you.

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