Bastion Leveling Guide (How To Level Up Fast)

Gaining XP and leveling up after the 1st boss (Bastion)

Bastion uses the traditional system of accumulating XP to level up. You can get XP by defeating enemies and picking up certain items. As you do, the XP meter under your health bar will gradually fill up.

When that meter becomes full, you’ll level up.

You can get up to a max level of 10 in Bastion. Each level gives you:

  • +2 Health
  • An additional spirit slot

These bonuses aren’t necessary for completing the story. Instead, they’re far more important when attempting to conquer the Dream challenges. You need those spirit slots to boost your survivability in those Dreams.

And the Dream stages are also the only repeatable levels in Bastion. That means the Dream stages (Who Knows Where) are the only places to farm for XP in the normal game modes.

Tip: To maximize your XP gains, you’ll want to invoke idols in the Shrine. You can get up to +75% XP boost with 10 active idols. Do note that this also increases the game’s difficulty. Refer to our Dreams with 10 idols guide for more details on how to beat them.

Score Attack Mode (Best Places to Farm XP)

Going to Zulten’s Hollow to earn more XP / Bastion
Going to Zulten’s Hollow to earn more XP

Unlike other modes, Score Attack lets you revisit levels for as many times as you want.

This means you’re no longer limited to the Dreams for level grinding.

As for the best places to actually grind XP, you can go to either Zulten’s Hollow or the Melting Pot. Both feature a lot of enemies, and you can clear them in under 5 minutes if you’re fast.

Then you can simply repeat them until you’ve reached your target level.

Thanks to Steam user Obstinate, we’ve created a small table below that details how much XP you can get from each run in these places:

Place Approximate XP Gained
The Melting Pot 4,000
Zulten’s Hollow 7,000

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