What is No-Sweat Mode in Bastion?

Starting a No Sweat Mode Game in Bastion

No-Sweat Mode is the game’s “easy mode”. It gives you an unlimited number of revives compared to the 1–2 chances in Normal Mode.

This means that you don’t have to restart a level after dying with no lives left.

Instead, you can get right back up after being knocked down. You’ll get to do this as many times as you want.

The game does warn you that you can’t get certain achievements / trophies in the No-Sweat Mode. However, there’s no info on which ones are disabled.

It’s best to assume that this includes those achievements that require extreme skill, such as beating the Dream levels.

Aside from the unlimited revives, nothing else is different between No-Sweat Mode and Normal Mode.

  • The difficulty remains the same.
  • Enemies still have the same behaviors and numbers.
  • You’ll get the same items, spirits, and weapons as usual.
  • Buildings will also be unlocked in the same order as in the Normal Mode.

So to sum it up, No-Sweat Mode lets you experience the entire game without worrying about losing.

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