The Scrap Yard: Proving Grounds 6 (Bastion Guide)

The Scrap Yard starting place screenshot in Bastion

The Scrap Yard is the Proving Grounds for your first weapon — the Cael Hammer.

You’ll need to destroy 100 objects as fast as you can to complete the challenge. To get the 1st prize, you must do it within 27 seconds.

However, it’s impossible to hit that goal by relying on your Hammer alone. Instead you should alternate between rolling and smashing. Your dodge-rolls can also break the smaller fragiles, and it’s faster too.

The Scrap Yard
Rank Requirement Reward
1st 27 seconds or less “Stunning Wallop” Secret Skill
2nd 40 seconds or less “Something Foul” Upgrade Material
3rd First clear “Something Heavy” Upgrade Material


Damage Upgrades for the Hammer / Bastion
Damage Upgrades for the Hammer

Pump up your Hammer’s damage before even attempting the challenge. This lets you destroy the large objects in one swing.

These damage upgrades are at the first and third tiers. The ones at the second tier are irrelevant to the test, so you can choose between either of them.

Tier Upgrade Name Effect
1 Sledge Head +50% Increased damage
2 Extended Grip Enables charged attack
3 Alloy Shaft +50% Increased damage

General Strategy + Tips

Roll Through the Wooden Objects / Bastion
Roll Through the Wooden Objects

Tip #1: As soon as you pick up the Hammer, roll towards a pile of smaller objects

You’ll save precious time by rolling.

You’ll also break the more fragile objects simply by rolling through them.

You can start with the wooden crates to the north or to the right of the Hammer. Whichever pile you choose, work your way around the area. From there, go clockwise or counter-clockwise as you tidy up the place.

Note: Avoid falling off the level. It takes a lot of time for the Kid to recover from a fall. Control your rolls so that they don’t take you to the edge. If you do fall off, you’ll want to redo the test again. The restart button is down the stairs to the south.

Bring the Hammer Down on the Stone Walls and Rubble / Bastion
Bring the Hammer Down on the Stone Walls and Rubble

Tip #2: Use your Hammer to smash the bigger, sturdier objects

You can’t roll through the sturdier objects, like the stone walls and the wagon.

At the moment you’d crash into one during a roll, swing your Hammer at once. Then continue rolling to the next pile of stuff to smash.

An Overhead Strike Uses the Full Power of the Hammer / Bastion
An Overhead Strike Uses the Full Power of the Hammer

Tip #3: To do a power slam, stand still before swinging the Hammer

You can do an overhead strike with the Hammer while standing still. This is much stronger than your normal sideswipes.

One strike can destroy any object regardless of size.

This is useful if you don’t have the Hammer’s damage upgrades.

Tip #4: Don’t mind the outlying objects that you may have missed

There’s more than a hundred objects around the area. So don’t worry if you missed one.

A Few Leftover Objects / Bastion
A Few Leftover Objects

In fact, you’ll waste time if you try to go after one that’s too far out of your way.

Destroying everything isn’t your goal.

You only need to destroy 100 objects and nothing more.


Clearing The Scrap Yard in 27 Seconds / Bastion
A Cleaner Yard at exactly 27 Seconds

The challenge will end as soon as you break your 100th object.

  • If completed in 27 seconds or less, you’ll get the “Stunning Wallop” Secret Skill for the Hammer.
  • If completed in under 40 seconds, you’ll get the Something Foul for the Fire Bellows.
  • Lastly, you’ll also get a Something Heavy for your Hammer regardless of your results.
Secret Skill: Stunning Wallop (Cael Hammer) / Bastion

Secret Skill: Stunning Wallop
(Cael Hammer)

You’ll do a more powerful version of the overhead strike.

It has a wider radius and inflicts more damage than the normal one. Any foe struck by this Skill will also get stunned.

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