Trapper Shingle: Proving Grounds 3 (Bastion Guide)

The Trapper Shingle Starting Point in Bastion

The Trapper Shingle challenges your understanding of the Fang Repeater’s mechanics. The goal is simple: destroy as many targets as possible and reach the end.

However, the floor will continuously collapse, forcing you forward.

You can’t move while shooting, so you must manage your time between running and gunning. You must also be mindful of your ammo. An empty clip at the wrong moment can ruin your results.

When you get to the end, you’ll be rewarded depending on how many targets you’ve destroyed:

Trapper Shingle
Rank Requirement Reward
1st All 64 targets destroyed “Snooze Dart” Secret Skill
2nd 48 targets destroyed “Something Greasy” Upgrade Material
3rd First clear “Something Nasty” Upgrade Material


To achieve 1st rank, you’ll need at least the tier 1 upgrade.

The increased ammo cap makes it possible to hit all targets in the final leg. Upgrading to the higher tiers can also help. Better damage lets you pop a target with one bolt instead of two, and even more ammo is always useful.

Tier Upgrade Name Effect
1 Double Clip +8 Ammo Capacity
2 Heavy Bolts +50% Damage
3 Hollowed Chamber +8 Ammo Capacity
Recommended Upgrades / Bastion
Recommended Upgrades

Strategy + Tips

The level is divided into four lanes with the targets lined up on the sides. Each successive one gets more targets and collapses faster.

Here’s what you can expect:

Lane Targets Pacing
1st 8 Relaxed
2nd 12 Slow
3rd 19 Fast
4th 25 Rapid

You need to get all 64 targets to achieve the best rank.

The first three lanes are simple; it’s the final one that’s the most difficult.

If it’s too hard for you, settle for 3rd place first to get the Repeater’s second upgrade material. Then go back to the Bastion and get the damage upgrade – with that, the final lane will be much easier.

Aside from that, you should also follow these best practices:

Tip #1: Lock On with Auto-Aim

Tip #1: Lock On with Auto-Aim / Bastion

You’ll automatically cycle through targets, so you can focus on your positioning. Gamepads always have this by default. For keyboard users, you must hold the L-shift key while shooting.

Tip #2: Get Close to Shoot

Tip #2: Get Close to Shoot / Bastion

Move close to the targets when you can.

With auto-aim, you switch targets after popping your current one. They take two un-upgraded shots to pop. If you’re shooting a far target, you’ll likely commit more bolts than required. To avoid this, you should get close to as many targets as possible.

Tip #3: Roll Rather Than Run

Tip #3: Roll Rather Than Run / Bastion

Rolling is always faster than running. It also cancels your reload animation.

After emptying a clip, roll forward to maintain your momentum.

Try to roll into the middle of a group of targets each time, but just be careful not to roll off the side.


The Three Prizes After Destroying 64 Targets / Bastion
The Three Prizes After Destroying 64 Targets

Winning the 3rd and 2nd ranks gives materials for the Fang Repeater and the Dueling Pistols. You’ll find the Pistols in the Wild Outskirts story level.

The 1st prize is the second Secret Skill for the Repeater.

Secret Skill: Snooze Dart(Fang Repeater) / Bastion

Secret Skill: Snooze Dart(Fang Repeater)

Hitting a foe with this knocks them unconscious, and they’ll take damage while dazed. As it’s only a single dart, it’s better used against sturdy enemies rather than for crowd control.

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