Pyth Orchard: Bastion Walkthrough Part 5

Napping in the shade in Pyth Orchard (Bastion)

This small rural area features just one combat encounter in the first half.

There’s no Core here. You only need to visit the building at the end of this level. After doing that, enemies will start spawning throughout the stage. Then you’ll need to run all the way back to the start to escape.

Section 1: Walking the Pilgrim’s Path

You start on a small square island with a lone tree. The path north behind the breakable wall is a dead end.

Step 1: Move south down the narrow walkway then continue east at the corner.

Break the fence ahead. You’ll reach a field with a mechanical bull sitting at the center. It’s not activated so you’re safe. This automaton represents Pyth the Wakeful Bull, who’s one of the game’s deities.

There are two roads from here. Go south first. The “Plush Pyth” memento is there.

Go South from Here / Bastion
Go South from Here
Pick Up the Plushie / Bastion
Pick Up the Plushie

Step 2: Head back to the clearing and then go North. Along the way, you’ll come upon a plot of tomatoes and the husks of the farmhands. You can dust them to prompt a comment from the Narrator.

There’s also a “Something Coarse” material on a ledge to the right. Break the fence to reach it. You’ll use this to upgrade a weapon that you’ll find in Cinderbrick Fort.

The Tomato Farm / Bastion
The Tomato Farm

Step 3: Continue north from the tomatoes. You’ll soon arrive at the Shrine, and you’ll notice it’s guarded by a mechanical bull, which wakes up as you approach. You’ll need to defeat it to gain access to the Shrine.

Enemy: Mechanical Pyth / Bastion

Enemy: Mechanical Pyth

Pyth’s automaton pursues you relentlessly. It moves fast, and once it gets on your face, it breathes out a 10-second stream of fire at you. It’ll then enter a 3-second cooldown mode before charging again.

Always have your shield up while it’s on attack mode. Don’t try to endure its flames as it can burn your HP fast. Attack it only when it’s resting.

Enter the Shrine / Bastion
Enter the Shrine

Step 4: Inside the Shrine, you can invoke Pyth’s idol.

Invocation increases your XP and fragments gained from enemies. But it also strengthens enemies with buffs. Pyth’s particular effects are:

Boon Bane
+10% XP and Fragments Increased Movement and Attack Speed
Invoking an Idol / Bastion
Invoking an Idol

Section 2: There and Back Again

One does not simply walk away from a deity. You now need to fight your way back to your starting point.

This is a way for the game to allow you to adjust to an invoked idol’s difficulty.

Step 1: Immediately after exiting the Shrine, the skies turn dark and the wind picks up. A Gasfella and a multitude of Squirts materialize on your current block. You get one second of peace before you get swarmed.

They’re the weakest variants though, and can be killed with a single attack.

Note: If this difficulty becomes too much for you, you can re-enter the Shrine and un-invoke Pyth.

The Scouring of the Shire / Bastion
The Scouring of the Shire

Step 2: Once you’ve cleared your surroundings, start retracing your journey back. Various Squirts, Turrets, and Gasfellas will harass you along the road.

The mechanical bull you encountered at the start will also become active. It’ll be like the battle outside the Shrine, but hastened by Pyth’s speed buff. This somewhat works in your favor.

It attacks for 8 seconds and cools down for 2 seconds.

You’ll be fine as long as you stand your ground with your shield up and face it head on.

This Ain’t Your First Rodeo; It’s Your Second / Bastion
This Ain’t Your First Rodeo; It’s Your Second

Step 3: After the bullfight, clear the stabweeds blocking the westward path. Three Turrets stand guard here — one of them is a flamer.

Shoot them and then proceed down the path. You’ll be back at your starting point.

Now just get on the recently opened Skyway to go back home.

Skyway to Heaven / Bastion
Skyway to Heaven

Home: The Bastion

Your Own Bull / Bastion
Your Own Bull

Talk to your companions about the Plush Pyth, and a Steam Bull will drop near the entrance. This is your second pet.

Interacting with it makes it rotate clockwise.

Aside from that, the Bullhead Court is now available via the Skyway. This is the proving ground for the Shield. Completing it rewards you with large sums of fragments.

Do note that Pyth’s buff may still be active. If that affects your ability to counter-block, then hold off on this challenge for now.

You’ve also unlocked the Shrine in your selection of buildings. But you still need to get another Core to restore an empty lot – and you can get one from Cinderbrick Fort, so go there next.

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