Langston River and Prosper Bluff: Bastion Walkthrough Part 7

Starting Langston River in Bastion

The River is the border between Caelondia and the Wilds.

You’re riding a ferrybarge for most of this section, so navigation’s automated.

All you need to worry about is fighting off your enemies. You’ll also encounter your first type of Wild creature. They’re hostile to both you and your old foes from Caelondia. You’ll see a lot of them fighting each other as you sail down the River.

Section 1: Langston River

Step 1: You’ll land on a caravan site and spook a bird-like creature away.

There are also some fragments on the eastern deck. Get up, get those, then break the wagon and objects around the site to get a few more fragments.

Grab the Loose Change / Bastion
Grab the Loose Change

After collecting everything, head west on the wooden walkway. Smash the stabweeds and Gasfellas that try to block you.

Step 2: At the end of the jetty, there’s a long-neglected ferrybarge with a switch and a health tonic on it. Save the tonic for later. You’ll need it on your journey.

There’s also two yellow Gasfellas floating nearby, and it’s engaging a trio of Turrets north of you. Shoot them all to settle their dispute.

Press the switch to activate the ferrybarge (which is called Weeping Nellie). It’ll sail forward, taking you along the “river”. It’s also impervious to damage, so you only have to worry about yourself.

Activate Weeping Nellie / Bastion
Activate Weeping Nellie

Step 3: Turrets will be shooting you from afar. Small skiffs will also pull up alongside you; they carry various Turrets or Gasfellas. The skiffs will try to board you, or they’ll go after the Turrets if those are nearer to them.

Either way, dodge or counter any projectiles and kill those that approach you. Smash any skull crates that land on your ride.

Shoot Down All Interceptors / Bastion
Shoot Down All Interceptors

Step 4: Nellie will soon hit a wall, preventing further passage.

You’ll have to disembark via the planks on your right.

Follow this winding path and defeat the few enemies in your way. You’ll find the Core at the end.

Disembark and Go Down the Path / Bastion
Disembark and Go Down the Path

There’s also an Arsenal on a pier right before it. If you don’t have the Repeater equipped, do so now. It’ll be useful for the next encounter.

Follow the Walkways to Reach the Core / Bastion
Follow the Walkways to Reach the Core

Step 5: Take the Core. As soon as you do, a moment of instability will shake the level.

This agitates the birds that’ve been keeping their distance from you. They’ll turn hostile and attack. You’ll have to fight your way back to Weeping Nellie. She’s being strafed by Peckers and Gasfellas. But she’s also defending herself using her two flamer Turrets.

Enemy: Pecker / Bastion

Enemy: Pecker

These birds of prey come in two sizes. The little ones move in squadrons and will harry you from all directions. They’re fast, so use quick-firing shooters like the Repeater or the Musket to keep them at bay.

The larger versions hunt alone. They’re much more clever than their smaller cousins. They’ll use their agility to track and relentlessly lunge at you. The trick is to stand your ground and counter-block their attacks. This leaves them stunned and vulnerable.

Once the enemies are dead, press her switch to resume your journey.

Reactivate Nellie to Continue the Trip / Bastion
Reactivate Nellie to Continue the Trip

Step 6: A short distance later, more Peckers and Gasfellas will attack you.

Nellie’s flamers can form a frontline against them, but they won’t last long.

Kill the raiders fast to conserve your allies’ health.

Next, two skiffs will cruise alongside you. The first has a trio of homing Turrets; the second has Gasfellas — one of which is a big one. Defeat them as they come.

Prepare for Naval Combat / Bastion
Prepare for Naval Combat

Step 7: After the skiff encounter, Nellie will speed up and zip past various enemies.

Her two flamers will also break apart. She’ll soon run aground, throwing you on an island. Here, two waves of Peckers will attack you. A couple of them are the big variants.

Remember to counter-block their attacks to stun them. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time dealing with them.

Stand Firm with Your Shield Up / Bastion
Stand Firm with Your Shield Up

Step 8: When most of them are dead, a momentary firestorm will scare away the rest. It’ll also conveniently burn open the hatch at the island’s center.

You should first collect any loose fragments in the area, including those on the jetty to your right. Then you can jump down the opening.

Loot the Area then Interact with the Opening / Bastion
Loot the Area then Interact with the Opening

Section 2: Prosper Bluff

Prosper Bluff Level Screenshot / Bastion
Welcome to the Jungle

Unlike Caelondia’s paved aesthetics, the flora here can conceal items, roads, and dangers. At the same time, Peckers will harass you throughout the level.

You’ll want to be more attentive of your environment from now on.

Step 1: Get up and break through the palisades blocking the western path.

Up ahead are a pair of Peckers picking on a Gasfella next to a locked gate. Dispose of them, then run across the east walkway.

The switch to unlock the gate is there. Press it then go through the gate.

Press the Switch to Open the Way Forward / Bastion
Press the Switch to Open the Way Forward

Step 2: Don’t get too close to the lilac-colored bulbs on the next platform. Those are called swampweeds. If you step on them, they’ll burst and release a noxious cloud which lasts for 3–5 seconds.

The gas only spreads around their immediate vicinity, so blast them from afar to clear them.

There’s another locked gate here. Its switch will be at the far end of the path to your right.

The Next Switch Is Further Down the Path / Bastion
The Next Switch Is Further Down the Path

There are also some fragments on a side road along the way. When you get to the switch, there’ll be a Skybridge beside it that can take you back to the gate.

Press the switch, jump the Skybridge, then continue through the gate.

Step 3: A Gasfella is meandering in this next corridor. Kill him then take a detour up the rails first.

You’ll see there’s a minecart at the bend which contains a few fragments. Destroy it to collect its contents. As you do this, a big Pecker will pepper you with its sharp feathers. They stay stationary while attacking, which makes them easy to kill.

Head back to the corridor.

You’ll reach another switch, another Skybridge, another gate. You know the drill: press, jump, pass.

Destroy the Mine Cart Up the Rails for Fragments / Bastion
Destroy the Mine Cart Up the Rails for Fragments

Step 4: More swampweeds litter the path ahead.

You can skirt around them, but it’s safer to pop ‘em. A few paces ahead is the same formula of gate and switch.

The Skybridge will appear after you’ve pressed the switch. So press the switch and go through the gate.

The Skybridge Is Ahead of the Switch / Bastion
The Skybridge Is Ahead of the Switch

Step 5: Continue along the next path.

Break through any barricades and bulbs that bar your way.

You’ll stumble into another locked gate. Its switch is on the platform above it, so head there.

This area has a big fragment on the plank protruding to the right. Grab that first then press the switch. Use the Skybridge to get back to the gate.

Items on This Platform / Bastion
Items on This Platform

Step 6: This part’s gate puzzle has a different flavor than the previous ones.

For starters, there are two gates.

The first gate is right next to the gate from the previous step. Its switch is located down the road; follow the tracks to find it. After pressing that switch, use the Skybridge located next to it and it’ll take you back to the first gate.

Beyond it are some fragments, a tonic, and a Skybridge, which will throw you back on the tracks.

Switch for the First Gate / Bastion
Switch for the First Gate

Step 7: Moving on, you’ll reach the second gate. Its switch is on the platform to your left.

To get to it, head right to where there’s a Skybridge. Use it to get to the switch.

Use the Skybridge to Reach the Switch / Bastion
Use the Skybridge to Reach the Switch

Once you’re there, planks will appear and connect this platform to the gate. Go ahead and press the switch then pass through the gate.

Step 8: You’ll be at an intersection. West leads to a locked gate, while east has an isolated island.

North through the palisades has the switch, so go there first.

After pressing the switch and using the Skybridge, there will now be a path to the eastern island. Head there to grab two large fragment pieces.

Go to the Switch First to Make the Paths Appear / Bastion
Go to the Switch First to Make the Paths Appear

After that, go west through the final gate.

Step 9: Continue up the path, and pick up the “Hidebound Journal” memento along the way.

Grab the Journal to Create a Path Forward / Bastion
Grab the Journal to Create a Path Forward

You’ll arrive at a scenic glade with a camp site. There’s a girl singing beside the pond at the far end. Talk to her to end the level.

Talk to the Singer to End the Level / Bastion
Talk to the Singer to End the Level

Home: The Bastion

The Four Main Characters / Bastion
The Four Main Characters

The Singer introduces herself as Zia. Go speak to her, and to Zulf and Rucks too.

You should also insert the Core into the Monument and put up your final building.

With all of them restored, you can prep more stuff for your campaign. When you’re all done, go to the Skyway to select the next story level — the Wild Outskirts.

All Buildings and Companions in the Bastion / Bastion
All Buildings and Companions in the Bastion

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