The Survivor’s Dream/Kid’s Bedroll: Who Knows Where 3 (Bastion Guide)

Zulf preparing food in Bastion

The Survivor’s Dream is the third Who Knows Where challenge.

You can enter it by using the Kid’s Bedroll. This appears near the Bastion’s Monument after rescuing Zia from Zulten’s Hollow.

Inside the Dream, you’ll learn more about Zulf and his journey to Caelondia. You’ll also fight against Ura enemies throughout the experience.

Survive all 20 waves and you’ll get two achievements:

  • A Lasting Peace
  • Ashes in the Sky
The two achievements earned after completing the Survivor’s Dream / Bastion
The two achievements earned after completing the Survivor’s Dream

Strategy + Tips

The recommended upgrades for the Pike and Mortar / Bastion
The recommended upgrades for the Pike and Mortar

Tip #1: It’s recommended that you equip the Brusher’s Pike and the Galleon Mortar

The Pike’s an excellent weapon for all Dreams. Its versatility and reach makes it useful for any situation.

For this particular Dream, its fast thrusts can help you against the Ura Warriors.

You’ll also need its armor-piercing ability to kill the Stinkeyes and the Lunkhead.

For everything else, the Mortar’s your go-to weapon, especially against the Rattle-tails. Those like to kite you and pester you with their greater numbers.

You need a weapon with a high damage, wide area attack.

That’s the Mortar.

Tip #2: In waves with hives, turn towards the Stinkeyes to freeze them

Waves 8 and 17 feature hives that spew out Stinkeyes at regular intervals. Those can drive you back and prevent you from destroying their hives.

But remember that they won’t move as long as you’re looking at them.

The Stinkeyes are “asleep” because the Kid’s facing them. Only the Rattle-tails are attacking / Bastion
The Stinkeyes are “asleep” because the Kid’s facing them. Only the Rattle-tails are attacking.

So instead of evading, move around until they and their hives are all in one direction. Once this happens, turn towards them to get them to stop.

You can then fire or poke at the hives without their interference.

Tip #3: Stick close to the spires in case you need cover

This spire protects the Kid from the Gunner’s attack / Bastion
This spire protects the Kid from the Gunner’s attack.

This Dream’s an open area with four spires forming a semicircle.

There are no Skybridges like with the previous Dreams, and there will be many ranged enemies.

You can be caught in the open if you wait at the center for each wave. Instead, you should stay near the western spires. They’re close together, so you can use them for cover or for funneling your enemies.

Tip #4: When fighting the Ura Elites, focus on defeating the melee ones first

Ura Elites lead the even-numbered waves from Wave 12 and onward (except for Wave 18).

They’re much fiercer and faster than their normal counterparts. In particular, the Elite Halberdier can kill you in 2–4 stabs.

Fighting an Elite Halberdier while taking cover from the Gunners / Bastion
Fighting an Elite Halberdier while taking cover from the Gunners

The melee ones can also go around the spires then dash towards you.

In comparison, the AI of the ranged enemies isn’t smart enough to flank you.

With that in mind, take cover behind the spires and wait for the melee Elites. Duel with them until they fall, and then you can go after the ranged Elites.

List of Enemies

Wave Enemies
  • 3 Ura Swordsmen
  • 6 Rattle-tails
  • 3 Ura Gunners
  • 4 Laser Turrets
  • 3 Ura Marksmen
  • 2 Rattle-tails
  • 12 Small Rattle-tails
  • 3 Ura Halberdiers
  • 2 Stinkeye Hives
  • 3 Laser Turrets
  • 1 Ura Halberdier
  • 1 Ura Marksman
  • 1 Ura Swordsman
  • 1 Ura Gunner
  • 1 Ura Swordsman
  • 2 Rattle-tails
  • 1 Ura Marksman
  • 1 Ura Gunner
  • 5 Rattle-tails
  • 2 Laser Turret
  • 1 Ura Marksman
  • 1 Ura Gunner
  • 1 Ura Elite Gunner
  • 18 Small Rattle-tails
  • 2 Laser Turrets
  • 1 Ura Elite Marksman
  • 2 Ura Swordsmen
  • 1 Huge Lunkhead
  • 1 Ura Elite Halberdier
  • 2 Ura Gunners
  • 3 Stinkeye Hive
  • 2 Rattle-tails
  • 10 Small Rattle-tails
  • 7 Big Stinkeyes
  • 10 Laser Turrets
  • 1 Ura Elite Halberdier
  • 1 Ura Elite Marksman
  • 1 Ura Elite Swordsman
  • 1 Ura Elite Gunner

Zulf’s Backstory as Narrated by Rucks

Zulf and his fiancée / Bastion
Zulf and his fiancée

Zulf. Very soon the Kid’s going to have to face that man again. For the last time.

They met on the worst day of Zulf’s life. There in the Hanging Gardens, he aimed to throw it all away.

It wasn’t the first time Zulf had nothing to lose. He was born to a simple Ura couple who didn’t last long before plague took them. He grew up hungry in the tunnels of the Tazal Terminals. So he took to stealing from a Caelondian missionary living there. He once got sloppy with his thieving hands. The missionary caught him, but didn’t rat him out. Instead, he offered to take him in.

That missionary raised Zulf like a gentleman. Like he was his own son. Taught him theology, history, and mercy. When the missionary passed away, Zulf promised to continue his work, to bring about a lasting peace between the Ura and Caelondia. Zulf started teaching the missionary’s wisdom to any Ura who would listen, and listen they did.

He advocated tolerance, and argued that the Ura should atone for the war. He believed the City had much to teach his people. However, Zulf felt he could only do so much in the Tazal Terminals. He needed Caelondia to know the Ura had changed.

He decided to do what the missionary did many years before. He left the City of his youth to brave a savage land. The journey was hard. But he knew how to fend for himself. And then at last, Zulf saw the Rippling Walls on the horizon.

He endeared himself to City folks straightaway. And in turn, he fell in love with the City and its people. One, in particular. This young lady was fascinated by the Ura, but she never met anyone like Zulf. She told him she knew all the City’s best-kept secrets. The Hanging Gardens was their favorite spot. It was there that Zulf clasped her hands and proposed in proper Caelondian style.

He celebrated with his friends long into the night. Joy and revelry like you’ve never seen. Too bad he couldn’t remember it all. He woke up alone underground inside the Ura-Caelondian War Memorial, built like an Ura den. But something was wrong.

He emerged from that hole in the ground … into a waking nightmare. Everything that wasn’t gone was twisted upside down. The world was frozen. Air thick with ash. What few faces he saw in the street stared back at him with gray and vacant eyes. He found his wife-to-be asleep inside her home. But when he reached out to her… she joined with all the ashes in the sky.

And so, Zulf returned to where he proposed in the Hanging Gardens, and there he stood. As if the Gods would answer him.

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