Central Park Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

Birds-eye view of Central Park in Cities: Skylines
Central Park
Cost to Build ₡200,000
Upkeep ₡1,600/week
Tourism Value N/A
Entertainment Value 150
Noise Pollution 30

Central Park is a level 6 unique building that comes with the Green Cities DLC. To unlock it, you’ll need two things:

  • Have your parks and plazas visited by 5,000 people
  • And you’ll need to reach the Small City milestone (which can be anywhere from 2,600 to 11,000 population, depending on the map)

Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be able to build Central Park from the level 6 tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡200,000.

It provides 150 entertainment value and produces 30 noise. It is a requirement for the Ultimate Recycling Plant monument, which is also only available with the Green Cities DLC.

Here are some tips for getting those 5,000 visitors to your parks!

Tip #1: Build Them Near Residential Areas

It’s always a good idea to build your parks and plazas within or near your residential districts.

Not only will this increase land value in the nearby zones (which will help those buildings level up), but it will also make it more convenient for your citizens to visit.

A botanical garden placed a short walk away from high-residential zones / Cities: Skylines
A botanical garden placed a short walk away from high-residential zones.

Tip #2: Provide Public Transportation and Bike Access

You should also make sure your parks and plazas are easily accessible by public transport. This will make it easier for citizens from different parts of your city, as well as tourists, to visit.

A bus route that picks up passengers from residential zones and then stops at parks and plazas is always a good idea.

If you have the After Dark DLC, you can also build bike lanes that lead to your parks and plazas.

Citizens are willing to bike long distances, so doing this will significantly increase the number of citizens that can access your parks.

A bus stop and metro station next to a plaza and Japanese garden / Cities: Skylines
A bus stop and metro station next to a plaza and Japanese garden.

Tip #3: Make Good Use of External Connections

Apart from your citizens, tourists can also make up a large number of your parks and plazas’ visitors.

At the start, tourists can only come to your city by driving in through the highway. As you progress in the game you can use mass transit to make it easier for tourists to come.

If you have the Sunset Harbor DLC, you can build an intercity bus station somewhere near your highway so tourists can come in by bus.

A passenger train station hooked up to a train external connection will bring in tourists, as long as “Allow Intercity Trains” is checked.

If you can afford it, and have the open-sea outside connection that it requires, a harbor can bring in large numbers of tourists.

Don’t forget to complement these intercity public transport hubs with local connections like buses and metros leading straight to your parks and plazas!

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