City Hall Unlock Guide for Cities: Skylines

City Hall Unique Building in Cities: Skylines
City Hall
DLC None
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Landmark
Build Cost ₡20,000
Upkeep Cost ₡320/week
Milestone Required Worthy Village
Entertainment Value 50
Noise Pollution 10
Visitor Capacity 150

The City Hall is a Landmark unique building that you can build in Cities: Skylines. To unlock the City Hall, you must have 3,000 passengers using your public transport weekly. You’ll also need to reach the Boom Town* milestone (650 – 2,600 population, depending on the map).

*You only need to reach the Worthy Village milestone to unlock the Landmarks tab of the Unique Buildings menu. However, you’ll need to reach Boom Town to get access to your first public transport options (e.g., buses and ferries).

Once these requirements are fulfilled, you’ll be able to build the City Hall from the Landmarks tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡20,000.

Until then, hovering over the City Hall’s silhouette in the menu will allow you to check your progress towards unlocking it.

The City Hall in the Unique Buildings menu / Cities: Skylines
The City Hall in the Unique Buildings menu.

Note: By default, the City Hall is only available on European-themed maps. However, you can enable this on all maps by going to Content Manager, clicking on Styles, and enabling European/Vanilla.

Getting 3,000 Weekly Transport Passengers

Here are some tips for getting more people on your public transport!

Tip #1: Use buses to pick people up from local streets

Buses work great as “collectors” that gather people from their residences and workplaces.

Have plenty of bus stops fairly close together—two to four blocks apart—so that people can easily walk to them from home or work.

Then place one stop from where they can easily transfer to a longer-distance transport mode such as metros.

A bus line with frequent stops along local streets / Cities: Skylines
A bus line with frequent stops along local streets.

Tip #2: Implement metros (or trams, or monorails) as soon as you can

Buses are great to start with. But to get 3,000 passengers you’re going to need a higher capacity mode of transport.

Start setting up a metro system as soon as you can afford it. Each metro vehicle can transport up to 5 times the max number of passengers in a bus, with the added benefit of not contributing to your traffic.

And since metros (especially underground) can typically allow for a more efficient, direct route across the city, your citizens are more likely to flock to them.

If you have the Mass Transit DLC, the monorail is also a great choice that you can easily fit into your city (at much less cost than an underground metro system).

On the other hand, if you have the Snowfall DLC, you can use trams as a fantastic alternative to buses, as it transports a much larger number of passengers per vehicle.

Tip #3: Place stops at unique buildings and other leisure establishments

Unique buildings, parks, plazas, as well as commercial zones draw a lot of traffic.

Make the most of this by having a bus or tram stop, or metro/monorail station very close by.

This monorail station is a very short walk away from unique buildings and commercial buildings / Cities: Skylines
This monorail station is a very short walk away from unique buildings and commercial buildings.

Tip #4: Use ferries or cable cars to get across water

You can get lots of passengers by providing transport across bodies of water.

Your citizens will be happy to take public transport that gets them directly across, without having to drive around town to wherever there’s a bridge.

In the vanilla game, ferries will do the job.

However if you have the Mass Transit DLC, you have the option of cable cars, which are much easier to set up and are more versatile in terms of the terrain you can build them on.

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