Driving Range Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

Driving Range Unique Building in Cities: Skylines
Driving Range
DLC None
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Tourism & Leisure
Build Cost ₡75,000
Upkeep Cost ₡1,120/week
Milestone Required Busy Town
Entertainment Value 100
Noise Pollution 0
Visitor Capacity 150

The Driving Range is a Tourism & Leisure unique building that is available with the Cities: Skylines After Dark DLC.

To unlock the Driving Range, you must have built 5,000 squares of tourism specialization. You will also need to reach the Busy Town milestone (1,200 – 5,000 population, depending on the map). Once you’ve accomplished these things, you’ll be able to build the Driving Range from the Tourism & Leisure tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡75,000.

Until then, you can hover over the Driving Range’s silhouette in the menu to see your progress towards unlocking it.

The Driving Range unlock progress bar / Cities: Skylines
The Driving Range unlock progress bar.

Creating Tourism Specialization

Tourism specialization is a commercial zoning specialization that is also only available with the After Dark DLC.

Here’s how to create it:

Step 1: Paint a district

Go to the Districts & Areas menu, select the Paint a District tool, and paint over your desired area.

Paint a district / Cities: Skylines
Paint a district.

Step 2: Apply the specialization

Click on the Commercial Specializations tab, and select Tourism Specialization (the umbrella icon).

Then click on your newly created district on the map to apply it.

Applying the tourism commercial specialization / Cities: Skylines
Applying the tourism commercial specialization.

Step 3: Zone commercial

Go to the Zoning Tools tab and select either low- or high-density commercial zoning (blue) and zone within the area.

Painting commercial zoning / Cities: Skylines
Painting commercial zoning.

Any commercial buildings that grow within the district will now have the tourism specialization and count towards your 5,000 required squares.

You can also apply the tourism specialization to zones with existing buildings. However, any commercial buildings with no specialization will eventually be torn down and replaced with specialized buildings.

Creating Demand for Commercial

In order to count towards unlocking the Driving Range, the 5,000 squares of tourism specialization need to be built upon (they cannot be empty zones).

Demand is indicated by the demand bars near the bottom of your screen; blue stands for commercial.

According to the Skylines Wiki, in order for commercial demand to be satisfied (0), there needs to be 1 commercial worker for every 8 residents in the city.

This basically means that in order to have demand for commercial zoning, you’ll need to grow your population in general.

Tip: Zone Low-Density Commercial

Compared to high-density zones, low-density commercial zoning fulfills less demand for the same amount of space.

But since this unlock goal is to fill a large area (5,000 squares), it’s best to use low-density zoning for your tourism specialized districts.

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