Fountain of Life and Death Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

Fountain of Life and Death in Cities: Skylines
Fountain of Life and Death
DLC none
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category 2
Build Cost ₡30,000
Upkeep Cost ₡240/wek
Milestone Required Tiny Town
Entertainment Value 60
Noise Pollution 25
Visitor Capacity 150

The Fountain of Life and Death is a level 2 unique building in Cities: Skylines. To unlock it, you must have 1 full lifespan lived in your city’s population.

You’ll also need to reach the Tiny Town milestone, which happens between 360-1,500 population, depending on the map.

Once these conditions are met, you’ll be able to build the Fountain of Life and Death from the level 2 tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡30,000.

Before then, you’ll see a progress bar when you hover over its silhouette in the menu.

Fountain of Life and Death in Unique Buildings menu / Cities: Skylines
The silhouette of the Fountain of Life and Death in the Unique Buildings menu.

Note: The Fountain of Life and Death is a requirement for the Fusion Power Plant monument.

A Full Lifespan

The Fountain of Life and Death is one of the easiest unique buildings to unlock, since all you really have to do is wait a few years.

The only reasons you might have trouble unlocking this is if your cities tend to fail very early in the game, possibly due to:

  • Going bankrupt
  • Getting abandoned because of poor services
  • Losing your population to disasters (if playing with Natural Disasters DLC with random disasters enabled)

A full lifespan lived in the city means a person will have to be born there, grow up and reach adulthood there, then die of old age.

This takes roughly 6 in-game years.

But we can add to that timeframe a little bit of extra time for your city’s first inhabitants (the adults that moved in) to have a child.

So you can expect to unlock the fountain by simply playing for a little over 6 in-game years, and keeping your city healthy enough to retain a population.

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