Cities: Skylines Frozen Fountain Unlock Guide

Frozen Fountain in Cities: Skylines
Frozen Fountain
DLC Snowfall
After Dark
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Tourism & Leisure (Winter)
Build Cost ₡120,000
Upkeep Cost ₡1,280/week
Milestone Required Busy Town
Entertainment Value 125
Noise Pollution 50
Visitor Capacity 300

The Frozen Fountain is a unique building that you can build in Cities: Skylines if you have the Snowfall and After Dark DLCs.

To unlock it, you need to:

  • Play on a winter map
  • Transport 500 people by taxi
  • Reach the Busy Town milestone (1,200 – 5,000 population, depending on the map)

Once you accomplish these requirements, you’ll be able to build the Frozen Fountain from the Tourism & Leisure tab of the Unique Buildings menu.

Until then, you can hover over its silhouette in the menu to see your progress.

All Winter Maps

As of game version 1.15, these are the official winter maps from the Snowfall DLC:

  • Frosty Rivers
  • Icy Islands
  • Winter Hills
  • Frozenshire
  • Snowy Coast
The winter maps in the new game screen / Cities: Skylines
The winter maps in the new game screen.

Other user-made winter maps can also be found from the Steam Workshop.

How To Use Taxis

Taxis are a mode of transportation that come with the After Dark DLC, and which you unlock at the Boom Town milestone.

Transporting a total of 500 people via taxi is really just a waiting game. But here’s how you can setup taxis to get them operational in your city:

First, build a Taxi Depot from the Taxi tab of the Transport menu. It costs 15,000.

Building a taxi depot / Cities: Skylines
Building a taxi depot.

Your citizens will call the taxi company to request pick up. The depot (where taxis stay until needed) will then send out the cabs to pick up the passenger.

It’s also a good idea to build taxi stands, which cost 1,000 each. Idle taxis can wait at the stand until they can pick up a passenger nearby.

Building a taxi stand / Cities: Skylines
Building a taxi stand.

Tip: Having taxi stands all around your city can mean the taxis can complete their trips faster (since they won’t have to travel to and from the Taxi Depot each time).

Place some near your residential areas, as well as high-traffic areas such as commercial zones and mass transit hubs like train and metro stations.

Beyond this, it’s really just about waiting until enough of your citizens have used taxis for this unlock.

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