Fusion Power Plant Monument Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

The Fusion Powerplant Monument in Cities: Skylines
Fusion Power Plant
Building Type Monument
Level/Category N/A
Build Cost ₡1,000,000
Upkeep Cost ₡8,000/week
Milestone Required Megalopolis
Noise Pollution 0
Effect Produces 16,000 MW of power
Buildings required
  • Plaza of the Dead
  • Fountain of Life and Death
  • Tax Office
  • Observatory
  • Science Center
  • Modern Art Museum

The Fusion Power Plant is one of the Monuments you can build in Cities: Skylines.

To unlock the Fusion Power Plant you need to reach the Megalopolis milestone, unlock all 9 map tiles, and you’ll need to construct these six unique buildings:

  • Plaza of the Dead
  • Fountain of Life and Death
  • Tax Office
  • Observatory
  • Science Center
  • Modern Art Museum

Once these six unique buildings are constructed, you’ll be able to build the Fusion Power Plant from the Monuments menu for ₡1,000,000.

Note: All six buildings need to be standing at the same time in order for the Fusion Power Plant to be unlocked in the menu. But once you get this unlock, you can bulldoze any of the required buildings after you build the Fusion Power Plant.

Once constructed, the Fusion Power Plant will produce 16,000 MW of energy.

And here’s a quick guide on how to unlock each of the six unique buildings for it:

Plaza of the Dead

The Plaza of the Dead / Cities: Skylines
The Plaza of the Dead
Plaza of the Dead
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 1
Milestone Required Boom Town
Build Cost ₡17,500
Upkeep Cost ₡80/week
Entertainment Value 50
Noise Pollution 25

The Plaza of the Dead is unlocked by having 3 full cemeteries.

Cemeteries can be built from the Healthcare menu starting from the Boom Town milestone.

Tip: Do not have more than 3 cemeteries operating while you’re unlocking this building.

To unlock the plaza as soon as possible, you’ll want to avoid having more than three cemeteries operating, as that will delay filling up the ones you need.

If you’ve already built more than three in your city, you can switch off the excess ones for now.

Of course, you should also refrain from building any crematoriums for the meantime.

Fountain of Life and Death

The Fountain of Life and Death / Cities: Skylines
The Fountain of Life and Death
Fountain of Life and Death
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 2
Milestone Required Tiny Town
Build Cost ₡30,000
Upkeep Cost ₡240/week
Entertainment Value 60
Noise Pollution 25

The Fountain of Life and Death is the easiest to unlock among these six unique buildings, as it simply requires one full lifetime being lived in your city.

This basically means you’ll just have to maintain your city long enough for a person to have been born and grown old there.

An average lifespan for your citizens is 6 in-game years. Add to that a bit of time for the first generation of people moving into your city to have a child, and that’s how long you’ll have to wait before the Fountain is unlocked.

This unlock doesn’t really require any actions apart from making sure you’re not playing with random disasters turned on (Natural Disasters DLC), which can cause premature deaths.

Tax Office

The Tax Office / Cities: Skylines
The Tax Office
Tax Office
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 3
Milestone Required Boom Town
Build Cost ₡18,000
Upkeep Cost ₡320/week
Entertainment Value 50
Noise Pollution 10

The Tax Office requires two things:

  • Constructing a water treatment plant
  • Producing 1,000 MW of electricity in your city

Part 1: Constructing a Water Treatment Plant

You can directly build a water treatment plant from the Water and Sewage menu.

But only the basic water treatment plant counts for this; similar buildings like the eco inland water treatment plant do not.

Part 2: Producing 1,000 MW of energy

This part will be much more costly, unless you already have a very large city that requires that much energy already.

You can check your current energy production by opening the Electricity info panel (the bolt icon).

Below you can see the output of each type of power production facility so you can build whichever one best fits your needs.

Building Unlocked at Cost (₡) DLC Max Output (MW)
Coal Power Plant Start 19,000 None 40
Wind Turbine Start 6,000 None 8
Advanced Wind Turbine Boom Town 12,000 None 20
Wave Power Plant Boom Town 14,000 High Tech Buildings 20
Geothermal Power Plant Busy Town 65,000 Green Cities 80
Oil Power Plant Busy Town 50,000 None 120
Solar Updraft Tower Big Town 90,000 Green Cities 240
Hydro Power Plant Small City varies None varies*
Solar Power Plant Grand City 80,000 None 160
Nuclear Power Plant Colossal City 200,000 None 640
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant Colossal City 250,000 Green Cities 480

If 1,000 MW is way more than what your city currently needs, remember to switch off any excess power facilities after building the Tax Office.


The Observatory / Cities: Skylines
The Observatory
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 4
Milestone Required Busy Town
Build Cost ₡30,000
Upkeep Cost ₡240/week
Entertainment Value 60
Noise Pollution 25

Of these six unique buildings, the Observatory is the only one with a destructive unlock requirement: to have 1,000 abandoned buildings in the city for 5 weeks.

Going for this unlock will have devastating effects on your city, so it’s best to create a “restore point” that you can revert to.

Note: Do not confuse the Observatory for the Observation Tower, which is a different unique building.

Here’s an easy way to get 1,000 abandoned buildings without completely decimating your city:

Step #1: Select a save game with a large population.

You’ll need a fairly large city in the first place to get 1,000 abandoned buildings, so choose a game with at least several tens of thousands in population.

Step #2: Create a save of your chosen city.

Open the city and create a new save of it. Append “before abandoned” to its file name or something similar to help you remember which one it is.

Step #3: Get 1,000 abandoned buildings.

First, make sure autosave is turned off. Then create conditions that will get your citizens to abandon buildings (a list of possible ways is below).

Once you hit 1,000 abandoned buildings, maintain it for 5 weeks (in other words, refrain from improving the conditions for now). The Observatory will be unlocked once the 5 weeks are up.

Step #4: Do NOT save.

Do not save this game with the abandoned buildings. Close the game and reopen the “before” save file that you made earlier.

This works because once unlocked, unique buildings stay unlocked across your other saves.

How To Make Buildings Abandoned:

  • Turning taxes all the way up to the maximum
  • Switching off the power
  • Switching off or disconnecting their water supply and sewage
  • Turning off (or cutting the budget for) the fire, police, and garbage departments, and waiting until your city is overwhelmed by fires, crime, and garbage pile ups

Science Center

The Science Center / Cities: Skylines
The Science Center
Science Center
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 5
Milestone Required Big Town
Build Cost ₡20,000
Upkeep Cost ₡320/week
Entertainment Value 120
Noise Pollution 10

Unlocking the Science Center requires 5,000 full lifespans to be lived in your city.

Think of this as the late-game counterpart of the Fountain of Life and Death unlock (which only requires one full lifespan lived in the city).

This will take much more time, as this requires 5,000 citizens to have been born and grown old in your city (so new residents who move into your city don’t count).

That said:

This unlock also doesn’t take much action from you, apart from trying to make sure your citizens are as healthy as possible.

Tips for Helping Your Citizens Live Full Lifespans:

  • Make sure random disasters are switched off if you’re playing with the Natural Disasters DLC.
  • Avoid ground and noise pollution near your residential zones.
  • Make sure the water source is not contaminated
  • Provide plenty of healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of diseases, and so that any citizens that do get sick can be treated

Modern Art Museum (MAM)

The Modern Art Museum / Cities: Skylines
The Modern Art Museum
Modern Art Museum
Building Type Unique Building
Level / Category Level 6
Milestone Required Small City
Build Cost ₡130,000
Upkeep Cost ₡1,040/week
Entertainment Value 120
Noise Pollution 10

Unlocking the Modern Art Museum requires that at least 50% of your population be highly educated.

This means they’ll need to have graduated from all three levels of education: elementary, high school, and university.

Below are the different facilities that provide the three education levels.

Education level Required Educational Building DLC Build Cost (₡)
Uneducated none none none
Educated Elementary school none 10,000
Community School Green Cities 12,000
High-Capacity Elementary School Plazas & Promenades 26,000
Well Educated High School none 24,000
Institute of Creative Arts Green Cities 30,000
High-Capacity High School Plazas & Promenades 58,000
Highly Educated University none 75,000
Modern Technological Institute Green Cities 90,000
Faculty High Tech 24,000
University Campuses (Trade School, Liberal Arts College, University) Campus varies
High-Capacity University Plazas & Promenades 165,000

Tip: Aim to educate your citizens as early as possible.

Hitting the 50% highly educated target will be more difficult the larger your population is.

So it’s best to aim for this unlock early, and build a university as soon as it’s unlocked and you can afford it.

Also, bear in mind that you need to provide facilities for the lower levels too, not just universities. That’s because in order to be highly educated, your citizens will need to have graduated from all three levels.

Ensuring that you have adequate elementary schools and high schools will mean more of your citizens will be eligible to go to university once you can build one.

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