Cities: Skylines Helicopter Park (Helipark) Unlock Guide

The main feature of the Helipark: a statue of a bird with a propeller in its beak
Cost to Build ₡80,000
Upkeep ₡560/week
Entertainment Value 60
Noise Pollution 10

The Helicopter Park, or Helipark, is a level 3 unique building that you can build with the Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters DLC.

To unlock the Helipark, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Hit the Big Town population milestone (can be anywhere from 1,800 to 7,500 citizens, depending on the map)
  • Construct a Police Helicopter Depot, a Medical Helicopter Depot, and Fire Helicopter Depot

Note: Level 3 unique buildings are unlocked at Boom Town (two milestones earlier), but the Police Helicopter Depot is only unlocked at Big Town.

Building Milestone Unlocked Cost (₡)
Police Helicopter Depot Big Town 60,000
Medical Helicopter Depot Boom Town 50,000
Fire Helicopter Depot Busy Town 55,000

Once you’ve built the three required depots, you’ll be able to build the Helipark from the level 3 tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡80,000.

It provides 60 entertainment value and produces 10 noise. It is a requirement for the Doomsday Vault monument.

Note: the Helipark, Doomsday vault, and the three required helicopter depots are all from the Natural Disasters DLC.

Step 1: Building a Police Helicopter Depot

You’ll find the Police Helicopter Depot in the Police Department menu.

The Police Helicopter Depot / Cities: Skylines
The Police Helicopter Depot

The Police Helicopter Depot sends out up to three helicopters to go on patrols around your city.

When they spot something suspicious, they’ll send reports so that your ground units can investigate further and make arrests as needed.

Having police helicopters patrolling lowers the crime rate in your city.

Step 2: Building a Medical Helicopter Depot

You’ll find the Medical Helicopter Depot in the Healthcare menu.

The Medical Helicopter Depot / Cities: Skylines
The Medical Helicopter Depot

Medical helicopters can pick up patients from areas that are hard for ground ambulances to reach, due to terrain, distance, or traffic.

They’ll then bring the patients to the medical clinics or hospitals you have within your city.

Step 3: Building a Fire Helicopter Depot

You’ll find the Fire Helicopter Depot in the Fire Department menu.

The Fire Helicopter Depot / Cities: Skylines
The Fire Helicopter Depot

Fire helicopters are the only way to put out forest fires; however you’ll need to build firewatch towers so that the helicopters will be notified.

Building a firewatch tower where the forest meets the outskirts of the city. / Cities: Skylines
Building a firewatch tower where the forest meets the outskirts of the city.

When responding to a fire, fire helicopters leave the depot empty, obtain water from a nearby water source, and then proceed to dump it on the fire.

They’ll return to the water source to refill if their tank is emptied, and keep going back and forth until the fire is out.

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