Cities: Skylines High Interest Tower (How To Unlock + Uses)

High Interest Tower in Cities: Skylines
High Interest Tower
Cost to Build ₡125,000
Upkeep ₡1,600/week
Tourism Value 100
Entertainment Value 90
Noise Pollution 25

To unlock the High Interest Tower, you need to have two things:

  • Get at least ₡2,000 in loan debt
  • Reach the “Big Town” milestone (around 5,000 population)

The High Interest Tower is located in tier 5 of the unique buildings category. Unlocking the High Interest Tower is an easy task, and it’s a required building to unlock the Medical Center monument.

Essentially, all you need to do is take out a loan once your population is high enough to unlock the “Big Town” milestone.

High Interest Tower Specifications

The High Interest Tower is one of the easiest unique buildings to unlock.

And since it’s a requirement for unlocking the Medical Center, many players find it relieving to be able to build it without messing up their city too much.

That said, the High Interest Tower is expensive to build though, and contributes to noise pollution. But it also provides a modest amount of entertainment.

Tip: When placing down the High Interest Tower, there is a ring around the building to show the affected area. This is slightly deceiving because even buildings outside of the ring can benefit from the entertainment provided.

How To Take Out a Loan

To take out a loan, simply open the budget panel and click on “Loans” in the top portion of the menu.

From there, you can choose which loan to take out. (Any of them will be enough for unlocking the building, the cheapest loan is best due to interest).

An example budget menu in the loan section / Cities: Skylines
An example budget menu in the loan section

High Interest Tower Uses

Once you’ve taken out your loan, the High Interest Tower should unlock.

Once this happens, be sure to remember to repay your loan as fast as possible to avoid paying the extra interest on the loan.

After that, enjoy your new building.

The High Interest Tower is best placed in a central location in your city due to the entertainment value provided. However, due to the building being an office tower itself, you can place it near your own office zones for a more realistic look and aesthetic.

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