Cities: Skylines London Eye Unlock Guide

The London Eye in Cities: Skylines
London Eye
DLC none
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Landmarks
Build Cost ₡75,000
Upkeep Cost ₡960/week
Milestone Required Boom Town (if playing with Airports DLC)
Metropolis (if playing without Airports DLC)
Entertainment Value 110
Noise Pollution 75
Visitor Capacity 300

The London Eye is a Landmark unique building in Cities: Skylines. To unlock it, you’ll need to construct two instances of an airport. You’ll also need to grow your city to a certain size, depending on whether you have the Airports DLC or not:

  • With Airports DLC: Reach the Boom Town milestone (650 – 2,600 population, depending on the map)
  • Without Airports DLC: Reach the Metropolis milestone (16,000 – 70,000 population, depending on the map)

Once you’ve accomplished these, you’ll be able to build the London Eye from the Landmarks tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡75,000.

The standard airport from the base game, the ploppable airports from the DLCs, and airport areas from the Airport DLC all count for this.

By default, the London Eye is only available on European themed maps. However, you can enable European buildings on all maps by going to Content Manager > Styles and enabling the “European/Vanilla” style.

Method #1: Ploppable Airports

Without DLCs, your only option is to build two instances of the standard Airport that comes with the vanilla game.

You’ll find it under the Air Transport tab of the Transport menu. Simply build it and connect it to your road network, power grid, and water supply.

The other single-building airports work in this manner too, although some of them aren’t unlocked until the final milestone, Megalopolis (20,000 – 90,000 population, depending on the map).

You can combine two different airport types for this unlock.

Airport Unlocked at Build Cost (₡) DLC Required
Airport Metropolis 150,000 none
Cargo Airport Metropolis 200,000 Industries
International Airport Megalopolis 250,000 After Dark
Metropolitan Airport Megalopolis 300,000 Sunset Harbor
Cargo Airport Hub Megalopolis 250,000 Industries

Method #2: Airport Areas (Airports DLC)

The Airports DLC will allow you to unlock the London Eye much sooner in the game, as you can build airport areas as early as the Boom Town milestone.

Here’s a basic step-by-step for building an airport area:

Step 1: Paint an Airport Area

Go to Districts and Areas, select Paint Airport Area, and paint over the chosen terrain.

The Paint Airport Area tool automatically levels land as needed, so this can cause you a significant amount of money. It’s best to do this over a portion of land that’s already flat to begin with, to save on costs.

Painting an airport area / Cities: Skylines
Painting an airport area.

Step 2: Build a Terminal

Go to the Airport Areas tab of the Transport menu and build one of several terminals available (the Classic Airport Terminal is the cheapest).

Building a terminal / Cities: Skylines
Building a terminal.

Step 3: Place Aircraft Stands

Select the small aircraft stand and build one adjacent to your terminal.

A small aircraft stand connected to the terminal / Cities: Skylines
A small aircraft stand connected to the terminal.

Step 4: Build a Runway

Select the runway tool and build a long runway within your airport area.

The runway within the airport area / Cities: Skylines
The runway within the airport area.

Step 5: Build the Taxiways

Select the Taxiway tool to connect your aircraft stand to the runway.

Taxiways connect the small aircraft stand to the runway / Cities: Skylines
Taxiways connect the small aircraft stand to the runway.

Step 6: Connect the Airport Area to City Services

Connect the terminal’s service road to the rest of your network, and supply the airport area buildings with power and water.

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