Cities: Skylines Mall of Moderation Guide (How To Unlock + Uses)

The Mall of Moderation building (Cities: Skylines)
Mall of Moderation
Cost to Build ₡19,900
Upkeep ₡320/week
Tourism Value 100
Entertainment Value 100
Noise Pollution 35

To unlock the Mall of Moderation, you need to achieve two things: (1) An average garbage pile per building reaching at least 25%, and (2) have the “Tiny Town” milestone (around 1,000 population)

The Mall of Moderation is located in tier 2 of the unique buildings category.

Unlocking the Mall of Moderation is relatively easy – just disable/destroy any garbage processing buildings you may have created, and then wait for garbage to fill your city.

Below are a few key details to keep in mind if you’re aiming to quickly unlock the Mall of Moderation:

  • You need to aim for an average of 25% for garbage piling up per building
  • “Tiny Town” milestone must be achieved (Around 1,000 pop)
  • You should disable/destroy garbage processing buildings (including recycling centers)
  • Watch out for other service buildings that will operate at reduced efficiency during the garbage pile-up

Mall of Moderation Specifications

Unlocking the Mall of Moderation is easy in comparison to other unique buildings in the game.

Building the mall is also a requirement for unlocking the Medical Center monument, which encourages players to take a bit of their time to unlock it.

In-game, the Mall of Moderation provides some entertainment for your citizens, but also contributes to noise pollution.

Tip: When placing down the Mall of Moderation, there is a ring around the building to show the affected area. This is slightly deceiving because even buildings outside of the ring can benefit from the entertainment provided.

How To Remove Garbage Services

Your first step to unlock the Mall of Moderation is to disable and/or destroy your garbage processing buildings.

To do this, simply bulldoze the buildings, or click on them to open a menu that allows you to turn them off temporarily (top right corner of the building’s menu).

A medium sized city with 0 garbage processing
A medium sized city with 0 garbage processing, resulting in city wide garbage warning icons

Tip: When garbage buildings are selected from the build menu, you can see the overlay and information regarding the garbage status in your city. In the image above, the important information can be found highlighted in the red box.

Keep in mind that while you wait for garbage to pile up at your buildings, it may result in other complications in your city.

For example, garbage piling up at healthcare buildings will make them less efficient – and therefore possibly cause sickness in your city.

Keep an eye on any issues that may arise while your garbage piles are growing.

Getting The Mall Of Moderation (Uses & Recovery)

While unlocking the Mall of Moderation is relatively easy, recovering from the impact of a city-wide garbage crisis will take time to clear up.

All you need to do is rebuild or re-enable your garbage processing buildings, and give the workers time to clean everything up.

Note: The process of cleaning up the garbage will most likely take longer than letting it pile up depending on the size of your city. To speed up this process, you can increase the budget for garbage services in the budgeting menu.

The Mall of Moderation is best placed in a central location in your city.

Due to the noise pollution the building makes, and the fact that it’s a shopping center, you might want to place it near commercial zones to both help residential areas stay protected – and to increase the realism of your city design.

The Mall of Moderation does not do anything else for your city besides providing entertainment value and giving your city a classy look.

However, since this building is a prerequisite for unlocking the Medical Center monument, it’s worth unlocking.

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