Cities: Skylines Media Broadcast Building Guide (How To Unlock + Uses)

The Media Broadcasting Building in Cities: Skylines
Media Broadcast Building
DLC Concerts
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Concerts
Build Cost ₡100,000
Upkeep Cost ₡800/week
Milestone Required Big Town
Entertainment Value 90
Noise Pollution 25
Visitor Capacity 275

The Media Broadcast Building is a unique building from the Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC. To unlock it, you’ll need to reach the Big Town* milestone, and you’ll need to build 3 specific buildings:

  • Build a University
  • Build a Police Headquarters
  • Build a Fire Station

*Although the Concerts tab of the Unique Buildings menu is unlocked at the Tiny Town milestone, you’ll need to reach Big Town to build a University.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be able to build the Media Broadcast Building from the Concerts tab of the Unique Buildings menu.

The Media Broadcast Building in the Concerts tab / Cities: Skylines
The Media Broadcast Building in the Concerts tab.

The Media Broadcast Building synergizes with the Festival Area unique building, which is the main feature of the Concerts DLC.

The same is true for the two other Concerts DLC unique buildings: the Fan Zone Park and the Music Club.

Building the Required Service Buildings

This unlock is pretty easy.

It just requires the construction of these three service buildings:

Building Milestone Required Build Cost (₡) Upkeep (₡/week)
Fire Station Busy Town 60,000 1,440
Police Headquarters Busy Town 60,000 1,600
University Capital City 75,000 1,920

Here’s a quick rundown on how to do it.

Step 1: Build a University from the Education menu.

Building a University / Cities: Skylines
Building a University.

Step 2: Build a Police Headquarters from the Police Department menu.

Building a Police Headquarters / Cities: Skylines
Building a Police Headquarters.

Step 3: Build a Fire Station from the Fire/Emergency Services menu.

Building a Fire Station / Cities: Skylines
Building a Fire Station.

Once you’ve built these three buildings, the Media Broadcast Building will be unlocked.

Effect on the Festival Area

On its own, the Media Broadcast Building functions as a typical unique building, providing entertainment and accommodating visitors.

However, it also provides a boost to your Festival Area.

According to the tooltip, having a Media Broadcast Building makes any Ad Campaigns you run 20% more effective.

How Ad Campaigns Work

Ad campaigns are a toggleable option that you can activate from your Festival Area panel. These ad campaigns will boost the number of visitors that attend the concerts.

Clicking on your Festival Area will bring up this info panel, from which you can activate an ad campaign / Cities: Skylines
Clicking on your Festival Area will bring up this info panel, from which you can activate an ad campaign.

Each ad campaign costs ₡9,000 per week. And running an ad campaign for a month will increase the popularity of all performers by 1 point.

This means as long as you have the money to shell out ₡9,000/week, or ₡36,000/month, you can steadily increase your performers’ popularity over time.

Why Use Ad Campaigns?

A performer’s popularity can rise or fall, seemingly at random, after each concert they play.

Having an ad campaign running means performers steadily gain popularity over time, which can help in the face of the popularity fluctuation.

Continuously running an ad campaign means there is a steady tick of +1 popularity per month / Cities: Skylines
Continuously running an ad campaign means there is a steady tick of +1 popularity per month.

With the ad campaign effectiveness boost from Media Broadcast Building, the +1 popularity increase happens in slightly less time (a little over 3 weeks).

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to upgrade your Festival Area, because upgrading it requires you to have at least one performer hit certain popularity milestones:

  • 2-star upgrade: 70 popularity
  • 3-star upgrade: 85 popularity

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