Pedestrian Street Market Hall Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

The Pedestrian Street Market Hall in Cities: Skylines
Pedestrian Street Market Hall
DLC Plazas and Promenades
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Pedestrian Area Landmarks
Build Cost ₡55,000
Upkeep Cost ₡880/week
Milestone Required Tiny Town
Entertainment Value 80
Noise Pollution 25
Visitor Capacity 200

The Pedestrian Street Market Hall is a landmark unique building from the Cities: Skylines Plazas and Promenades DLC.

To unlock it, you need two things:

  • A pedestrian area visited by 350 tourists per week
  • And the Tiny Town milestone (360 – 1,500 population, depending on the map)

Once you’ve reached both targets, you can build the Pedestrian Street Market Hall from the Pedestrian Area Landmarks tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡55,000.

Until then, hovering over its silhouette in the menu will show how close you are to your goal.

The silhouette of the Pedestrian Street Market Hall in the menu. / Cities: Skylines
The silhouette of the Pedestrian Street Market Hall in the menu.

Two other unique buildings from Plazas and Promenades are unlocked in a very similar manner.

The Museum of Post-Modern Art requires at least 250 weekly visitors (so you’ll have unlocked that before you unlock the Pedestrian Street Market Hall); and the Sunken Plaza Shopping Mall requires 500.

How To Create a Pedestrian Area

Step 1: Painting the Pedestrian Area

Go to the Districts and Areas menu and select the Paint Pedestrian Area tool (circled below).

Then paint over the desired part of the map where you want the Pedestrian Area to appear.

Paint a pedestrian area. / Cities: Skylines
Paint a pedestrian area.

Step 2: Place a Service Point

Service points are facilities that allow for cargo delivery and garbage collection to the rest of the buildings in your pedestrian area.

Each pedestrian area requires one service point; this service point must be connected to the rest of your road network.

So you’ll want to build a Small Pedestrian Service Point within your area. It is the first building in the Pedestrian Areas tab of the Parks & Plazas menu.

Building a small pedestrian area service point. / Cities: Skylines
Building a small pedestrian area service point.

Step 3: Build Pedestrian Streets

You can now make use of the pedestrian streets that come with Plazas and Promenades. As long as they are within a pedestrian area with a service point, you can build and zone alongside these car-free streets in the same way you would with regular roads.

You’ll find these in the Pedestrian Areas tab of the Parks and Plazas menu, or the Roads menu.

Pedestrian streets in the menu. / Cities: Skylines
Pedestrian streets in the menu.

Step 4: Build and Zone as You Please

Your pedestrian area is ready for the buildings of your choice—it all depends on how you want to use it.

You can zone residential, commercial, or office (or a mix of the three) in your pedestrian area.

For the purposes of unlocking the Market Hall, however, it may be best if your area is geared more towards leisure buildings (parks, plazas, and unique buildings) as well as commercial zoning.

Tips for Totaling 350 Pedestrian Area Tourists

To unlock the Pedestrian Street Market Hall, you’ll need to have 350 weekly tourists (not residents) visiting your pedestrian area.

Note: this is a number you need to hit in one week, not accumulated over time.

The number of tourists can fluctuate per week, which is normal. However, putting up leisure establishments and raising land value will attract more tourists to your area.

Below are a couple tips for helping you achieve the 350 tourists target:

Tip #1: Place Unique Buildings

Unique buildings directly raise the attractiveness score of your city, making tourists more likely to come.

Some of them can be expensive and hard to unlock, but if you have access to (and can afford) the easier ones, they can really boost your weekly tourist numbers.

Tip #2: Have Intercity Transport Nearby

Having an intercity mode of transportation within or near your pedestrian area can help bring more tourists in.

The cheapest option, and the one earliest to unlock, is the intercity bus hub.

However, if you’re late enough in the game to have access to the train station, that’s even better.

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