Cities: Skylines Sleigh Ride Unlock Guide

The Sleigh Ride Building in Cities: Skylines
Sleigh Ride
DLC Snowfall
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Winter Unique Building
Build Cost ₡350,000
Upkeep Cost ₡2,400/week
Milestone Required Boom Town
Entertainment Value 90
Noise Pollution 20
Visitor Capacity 360

The Sleigh Ride is a unique building from the Cities: Skylines Snowfall DLC.

To unlock it, you must:

  • Play on a winter map
  • Use only boiler stations for all of your city’s heating
  • Reach the Boom Town* milestone (650 – 2,600 population, depending on the map)

*Although the Winter Unique Buildings tab is unlocked at an earlier milestone (Worthy Village), you’ll need to reach Boom Town to build boiler stations.

Once these conditions are fulfilled, you’ll be able to build the Sleigh Ride from the Winter tab of the Unique Buildings menu for ₡350,000.

Until it’s unlocked, you can hover over the silhouette of the Sleigh Ride in the menu to see your progress (towards 100% of your heating coming from boilers), as soon as you start building your heating facilities.

The silhouette of the Sleigh Ride in the menu / Cities: Skylines
The silhouette of the Sleigh Ride in the menu.

All Winter Maps

As of game version 1.15, the following official maps are available in-game from the Snowfall DLC:

  • Frosty Rivers
  • Icy Islands
  • Winter Hills
  • Frozenshire
  • Snowy Coast
The Snowfall maps in the New Game screen / Cities: Skylines
The Snowfall maps in the New Game screen.

User-made winter maps can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Setting Up Your Boiler Stations

You’ll find the boiler station by going to the Water, Sewage, and Heating menu, and then clicking on the Heating tab.

Constructing a boiler station / Cities: Skylines
Constructing a boiler station.

Each boiler station costs ₡60,000 to build, and costs ₡640/week in upkeep.

To deliver heating from the boiler station to your buildings, you’ll need to upgrade your existing water pipes.

Select Water Pipe with Heating Pipes, and then use the Upgrade tool to replace your basic water pipes.

Upgrade your existing water pipes to deliver heating / Cities: Skylines
Upgrade your existing water pipes to deliver heating.

Make sure you have enough boiler stations to provide heat for your entire city.

Click on the Heating info view to check heating availability and consumption.

Tip: Aim for This Unlock Early

This unlock is much easier to accomplish when your city is still somewhat small.

Later in the game, you’ll have many more water pipes to upgrade and a larger heating consumption to provide for.

(Also, boiler stations use oil for fuel and generate pollution; you may want to switch to the Geothermal Heating Plant later on in the game if you’d prefer a non-polluting option.)

So try to do this as soon as you unlock and can afford boiler stations.

Enact “No Electricity for Heat”

If your citizens aren’t being supplied with heat from heating pipes, they’ll use electricity for heating instead, which will prevent you from achieving this unlock.

To prevent this, you can enact the “No Electricity for Heat” policy.

You’ll find it under the Services tab of the Policies panel.

The “No Electricity for Heat” policy / Cities: Skylines
The “No Electricity for Heat” policy.

This will make it easier for you to spot the buildings that aren’t getting heat from your boilers, as their inhabitants will complain about insufficient heating.

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