Afternoon Fort Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

The Boss Gate in the Afternoon Fort dungeon (FFCC Remastered)

Afternoon Fort is the high-difficulty version of Daemon’s Court. You’ll unlock this dungeon after clearing FFCC Remastered’s main campaign.

You can access Afternoon Fort from Daemon’s Court’s original location in the Plains of Fum, or through the Setting Out Together online multiplayer option in the Main Menu.

Entering Afternoon Fort from the world map / FFCC Remastered
Entering Afternoon Fort from the world map.

You can also challenge this dungeon with a group on any of these days:

  • Thursdays
  • Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Note: Single-player dungeons are always available.

Let’s break down this whole dungeon in detail, along with some tips on how to handle the Lizard Queen boss fight.


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Map of Afternoon Fort


Step #1: Equip Fire-Resistant Items

Preparation is half the battle in the Afternoon Fort.

Most enemies in this dungeon, including Lizardman Mages, Fire Bombs, and Lamias, rely on Fire, Fira, and Firaga to deal damage.

Lizardman mage casts Firaga / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman mage casts Firaga.

This magic deals a fair amount of damage and can set you on fire, halving your defenses and making you highly vulnerable.

The best way to avoid burning to a crisp is by getting Fire-resistant equipment.

Ideally, you should craft an item from the Vanitas series. You can get the Recipes and Materials needed from the Toadstool Forest bonus dungeon.

This will give you +2 Fire resistance, reducing damage and making you non-flammable.

Step #2: Hunt Down Behemoths for Keys

Like the original dungeon, Afternoon Fort requires you to collect two keys to open the way to the boss.

Bringing a key to the right-side altar / FFCC Remastered
Bringing a key to the right-side altar.

These crescent-moon tokens drop from the two Behemoth enemies standing guard on the eastern and western ramparts.

Step #2a: Retrieve the Right-Side Key

As you enter the dungeon, collect the nearby chest for a Cure magicite.

Magicites and the road to the first key / FFCC Remastered
Magicites and the road to the first key.

The Fire Bombs on the nearby platform protect a chest containing Raise. They also drop Cure and Raise magicite themselves.

You might not need the magicites, but it’s better to defeat the Fire Bombs in case you get chased back here by the enemies ahead.

Tip: Fire Bombs can be stunned with Thunder, but they’ll recover immediately.

Then head to the right-hand side of the platform and walk north to find a bridge guarded by a Lizardman squad.

Road past Lizardman squad toward right-side key / FFCC Remastered
Road past Lizardman squad toward right-side key.

These squads contain a mage, a javelin thrower, and two melee fighters.

Tip: Thunder and Thundara can stun the Lizardmen, making it easier to deal with the crowd.

Defeat them and cross the bridge to find two Coeurls and a Fire Bomb guarding the nearby stairs.

Road up some stairs to first key / FFCC Remastered
Road up some stairs to first key.

There are also a Behemoth and some Lizardmen guarding a chest up north, but it only contains some money. It might not be worth the effort.

Go up the stairs where the Fire Bomb was and brace for combat against another Lizardman squad.

Lizardman squad atop right-side rampart / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman squad atop right-side rampart.

Once they’re dealt with, head to the northern end of the rampart to find a Behemoth.

Behemoth on the eastern rampart holds a key / FFCC Remastered
Behemoth on the eastern rampart holds a key.

Defeat it to obtain the first key.

Tip: Thunder won’t stun a Behemoth, but Thundara will, making the fight much easier.

Retrace your steps back to the boss gate and leave the key on the altar before tackling the left side for the second key.

Step #2b: Retrieve the Left-Side Key

From the boss gate, walk straight to the left.

Enemies left of the boss gate / FFCC Remastered
Enemies left of the boss gate.

You’ll quickly run into a Coeurl near a Lizardman squad.

Ideally, defeat the Coeurl first without alerting the Lizardmen, then deal with the squad.

Tip: One of these Lizardmen drops Thunder magicite, allowing you to fuse Thundara if carrying the Thunder Ring.

Keep walking westward until you find the stairs leading up to the rampart. A Fire Bomb guards them.

Road up some stairs to the left-side key / FFCC Remastered
Road up some stairs to the left-side key.

Defeat the Fire Bomb, climb the stairs, and prepare to fight a Lamia.

Lamia on the way to the left-side key / FFCC Remastered
Lamia on the way to the left-side key.

These enemies cast Firaga and Slow. They can also deal good melee damage.

Tip: Lamias can be stunned with Thundara.

Defeat the Lamia to claim an Artifact or high-level Material, then continue northward.

You’ll quickly come across a Lizardman trio near another Behemoth.

Lizardman trio on the way to left-side key / FFCC Remastered
Lizardman trio on the way to left-side key.

Make sure to defeat every Lizardman before alerting the Behemoth, then slay the beast to claim the second key.

Casting Thundara on Behemoth / FFCC Remastered
Casting Thundara on Behemoth.

Collect the money in the chest at the northern end of the rampart, then carry the key back to the boss room entrance to open the gate.

Step #3: Hunt Down Lamias for Artifacts and Items

You can enter the boss room and fight the boss now, but you’ll need every bit of help you can get.

Along with chests, Artifacts in Afternoon Fort can be found on Lamias.

Lamia on northern ramparts / FFCC Remastered
Lamia on northern ramparts.

So just follow the map up top to find every Lamia, collecting all available Artifacts and Materials before heading into the boss battle.

This should boost your stats and contribute to future equipment crafting.

Step #4: Enter the Boss Room

Once you’ve collected all the necessary valuables, head into the giant tent in the middle of the fort (pictured below).

Then prepare to face the Lizard Queen.

Entering the Lizard Queen boss room / FFCC Remastered
Entering the Lizard Queen boss room.

Boss: Lizard Queen

Lizard Queen makes an entrance / FFCC Remastered
Lizard Queen makes an entrance.

If you thought the Lizardman King was a tough boss, wait until you fight the Lizard Queen.

Here are some tips to make this a fair fight.

Tip #1: Focus on Lamias

The first thing to do in every FFCC boss fight is to eliminate the boss’s minions.

In this case, that means a couple of Coeurls and a Lamia.

Lizard Queen’s minions / FFCC Remastered
Lizard Queen’s minions.

The Coeurls are easy enough to deal with, and they don’t respawn.

On the other hand, the Lamias can prove quite troublesome, and they respawn every 90 seconds or so.

Lamia casts Firaga against the player / FFCC Remastered
Lamia casts Firaga against the player.

Depending on your playstyle, there are two main ways to deal with the Lamias:

  • Hit them with Thundara to stun them for a few seconds. You might even hit the boss at the same time.
  • Use Focus Attacks and fast combos to shave off health steadily. Don’t get greedy, and you should avoid much damage.

Slow and Fire resistance renders the Lamias largely powerless, but they can still deal some melee damage.

Tip #2: Don’t Get Stabbed

The Lizard Queen has various moves she’ll use, including:

  • A sweeping attack covering a small radius around her.
  • A powerful five-arrow shot with a wide spread.
  • A defensive move where she raises her shield.

However, her most dangerous move is impaling your character with the spikes on her left arm.

Lizard Queen pulls back before thrusting with her gauntlet / FFCC Remastered
Lizard Queen pulls back before thrusting with her gauntlet.

It doesn’t look like much, but it deals massive damage. You’ll likely die from it if you’re not at full health.

You can dodge it easily by stepping to the side when she’s about to thrust.

Tip #3: Avoid Damage & Use a One-Two Combo

Unless you have an enormous amount of food in your inventory, avoiding damage is non-negotiable against the Lizard Queen.

This means playing more conservatively to avoid dangerous situations.

Perfect combo execution against Lizard Queen (animated GIF)
Perfect combo execution.

According to our calculations, you should be able to reliably land the first two hits of a combo before pulling away and taking no damage.

Tip: Three hits are doable, but you’ll cut it close and take damage too often.

Tip #4: Stock Up on Phoenix Downs

No matter how well you fight, you will take damage. A lot of it.

Cure is an essential tool, but even the best players slip up and die from time to time.

Phoenix Down revives the player automatically / FFCC Remastered
Phoenix Down revives the player automatically.

If you’re on single-player, bringing sufficient Phoenix Downs is imperative.

You could finish this boss with around 10 if you’re good, but I suggest getting at least 20 Phoenix Downs if you can.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find Artifacts, crafting Recipes, and Materials throughout the dungeon. You get to keep all Recipes and Materials, but you can only choose one Artifact to take with you.

Two Recipes and two Materials from the boss, and four Artifacts from the dungeon / FFCC Remastered
Two Recipes and two Materials from the boss, and four Artifacts from the dungeon.

Chest Items

The following items await in the chests at the Afternoon Fort:

Artifacts Materials
Candy Ring
Fang Charm
Ice Brand
Main Gauche
Rune Bell
Wonder Bangle
Black Slab

Monster Items

Three Lamias roam the grounds at the Afternoon Fort. They all have a chance of dropping one of several Artifacts, making this dungeon a good place to farm Artifacts.

These Artifacts include:

  • Chicken Knife
  • Dark Matter
  • Giant’s Glove
  • Gold Hairpin
  • Rat’s Tail
  • Red Slippers
  • Twisted Headband

Lamias may also drop the Star Shard material.

Boss Items

Unlike regular dungeons, the Afternoon Fort only has one set of Boss Items you can obtain regardless of your Bonus Points.

  • Cursed Robe (Recipe)
  • Cursed Guard (Recipe)
  • Star Shard (Material)
  • Black Slab (Material)

These drops will help you obtain items to resist petrification.

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