Mount Vellenge Dungeon Guide + Map (FFCC Remastered)

Mt. Vellenge Postcard Screenshot in FFCC Remastered

Mount Vellenge is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is accessible from Year 5, but there are some special requirements to reach it.

This dungeon is located in The Abyss, past the Unknown Element Miasma Stream west of Rebena Te Ra.

Location of Mt. Vellenge in the World Map / FFCC Remastered
Location of Mt. Vellenge in the World Map.

To cross this Miasma Stream, players must attune their Crystal Chalice to the Unknown Element in the Lynari Desert after completing a cryptic puzzle.

In addition, you’ll need to restore the flow of the dried-up Jegon River by either:

  • Casting Raise on inactive Pumpflower Plants at Veo Lu Sluice
  • Waiting for the drought to end naturally in Year 8

Note: Even though it’s accessible from Year 5, you’re not penalized for waiting longer. It’s helpful to go back to earlier dungeons to farm Artifacts or craft better gear.

Here’s the most straightforward path through Mount Vellenge is:

  1. Run south through the first area, always following the western edge.
  2. Hit the rock obstacles six times to remove them.
  3. Hit the Miasma Crystals six times to remove them.
  4. Get your Moogle Stamp under a bridge in Area #2.
  5. Face and defeat the Meteor Parasite.

Below we’ll take a deeper look with with a step-by-step walkthrough.


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Map of Mount Vellenge.


Mount Vellenge is a large level with many alternative paths leading to the boss.

Due to its extremely tough monsters, it’s easier to follow a straightforward route through the dungeon.

All items in Mount Vellenge are Artifacts. Since you can only carry four Artifacts, you don’t need to open every chest or defeat every enemy for a good run.

This walkthrough will lead you through the most efficient route, giving you access to 4+ Artifacts and the Moogle Stamp while avoiding unnecessary combat.

Step #1: Start Heading South

Start heading west the moment you enter the dungeon.

First enemy in Mount Vellenge / FFCC Remastered
First enemy in Mount Vellenge.

A Chimera will attack you as you start moving. Don’t go too far west while fighting it, or you’ll alert a nearby Shade.

  • Chimeras can paralyze you with their Thunder spell. They’re slightly resistant to elemental damage, so Melee and Holy are the best options.
  • Hit Shades with Holy to make them vulnerable to other damage sources.

Kill the Chimera to obtain a Raise magicite, then fuse an elemental ring with the Raise magicite to create the Holy spell.

Use Holy deal with the Shade and collect the Cure magicite it drops. You’ll need it.

Tip: Food items are handy before you acquire Cure and remain convenient afterward. Consider stocking up before coming to Mount Vellenge.

Keep going south until you find a conspicuous rock.

The rock you’re looking for / FFCC Remastered
The rock you’re looking for.

Before removing it, keep going a bit southeast, and you’ll come across a Death Knight and a Shade protecting a chest with a powerful Artifact.

Death Knights are basically mini-bosses with very high health and devastating strength. They can easily defeat you in one hit if your Defense is not ideal.

There’s no easy way around them. They’re vulnerable to Holy, but melee Focus Attacks are also very useful.

They’re also a bit slow, so you can get away from most attacks if you’re careful.

Death Knight and Shade protect the first chest at Mt. Vellenge / FFCC Remastered
Death Knight and Shade protect the first chest at Mt. Vellenge.

Once you’ve defeated these enemies and collected the rewards, return to the rock obstacle.

Step #2: Break Rocks with Melee Damage

Players can break these rocks with six hits from a melee weapon regardless of your Strength.

Crush the boulder and keep moving south to find a Sphere and a Shade.

Casting Gravity on floating Sphere / FFCC Remastered
Casting Gravity on floating Sphere.

Spheres can be grounded with Gravity, allowing you to finish them off. Melee damage is ideal.

Tip: Spells like Holy and Gravity take up a lot of space in your Command List. Still, it’s always good to keep a Phoenix Down in there.

Keep heading south. Kill the Shade standing on the westward path for a Clear magicite, then turn east.

You’ll notice a couple of enemies to the north protecting a chest. Get it if you wish, then keep running southward.

Crossroads before the second rock / FFCC Remastered
Crossroads before the second rock.

You’ll come across another Death Knight + Shade combo protecting a chest. Deal with them and collect your rewards before breaking the rock that blocks the eastern path.

Walk eastward and defeat the Chimera before turning south and continuing your descent.

You’ll notice your surroundings turning darker and colder. Stick to the western wall and defeat the three shades before bumping into a Death Knight.

Running past the Death Knight before the third rock / FFCC Remastered
Running past the Death Knight before the third rock.

Once they’re dealt with, it’s smooth sailing into the next area. Just break the rock blocking the westward path and follow it to head deeper into Mt. Vellenge.

Step #3: Break the Miasma Crystals with Melee Damage

You’ll soon come across a flower-looking crystal glowing ominously on the side of the road.

Shade and Tentacle protect a Miasma Crystal / FFCC Remastered
Shade and Tentacle protect a Miasma Crystal.

These Miasma Crystals will suppress your Crystal Chalice’s protective aura, making you take damage from the miasma every second or so.

Disregard the enemies and focus on breaking the crystal ASAP. Six melee hits should do the trick.

Once that’s dealt with, turn your attention to the Shade and Tentacle nearby.

Tentacles come in Lightning, Ice, Fire, and Dark varieties, each with different resistances.

Follow the road to find another Miasma Crystal close to a treasure chest and a Tonberry.

Lone Tonberry protects Miasma Crystal and chest / FFCC Remastered
Lone Tonberry protects Miasma Crystal and chest.

Tonberries make you flinch with their stabbing movement, and they can finish you off in just a few hits. Use Holy magic unless your build is heavily melee-oriented.

Destroy the crystal before turning your attention to the nearby Tonberry. There are also a Shade and a Tentacle lurking a bit further south.

Step #4: Get the Moogle Stamp under the Bridge

Once you’ve defeated everyone and collected all rewards, follow the eastern road and walk under the natural bridge.

Location of Moogle Nest in Mt. Vellenge / FFCC Remastered
Location of Moogle Nest in Mt. Vellenge.

Check the right-side wall to find this dungeon’s Moogle Nest. Enter it to get your Moogle Stamp before resuming your journey into Mt. Vellenge.

Step #5: Reach the Boss Room

Follow the road southwest, and you’ll soon come across another chest next to a Miasma Crystal.

Second-to-last Miasma Crystal in Mt. Vellenge (left side) / FFCC Remastered
Second-to-last Miasma Crystal in Mt. Vellenge (left side).

No enemies are around, so focus on the crystal before opening the chest.

There are two Tentacles ahead. They’re stationary, so you can just run past them and follow the road to the boss room.

Boss: Meteor Parasite

Meteor Parasite’s first form / FFCC Remastered
Meteor Parasite’s first form.

As the second-to-last boss in the game, the Meteor Parasite is powerful. It has a ridiculous amount of HP and three phases with increasing difficulty.

Here are some tips to prevail against this miasma-spouting alien bug:

Tip #1: Level Up Some More

If you barely made it through the level, you won’t last against the Meteor Parasite. In this case, it’s better to backtrack and either grind or play through a couple more years.

Your stats should look roughly like this before facing the parasite:

  • Strength: 45 to 55+
  • Magic: 45 to 55+
  • Defense: 55+

Magic-focused builds will have an easier time during this fight as long as their Defense is sufficient.

Tip #2: Paralyze the Tentacles

This boss is protected by a Tentacle at each side of its main body.

  • The left-side Tentacle has an Ice affinity. It can freeze and poison you.
  • The right-side Tentacle has a Fire affinity and will try to set you on fire.

Thunder is effective at paralyzing both Ice and Fire Tentacles, so use that if possible. Blizzard can also neutralize the Fire Tentacle.

Cast Thundaga to hit both Parasite and Tentacle at the same time / FFCC Remastered
Cast Thundaga to hit both Parasite and Tentacle at the same time.

You only need to defeat one of the two Tentacles, then attack the “head” from that side. The other Tentacle can’t reach you here.

Eventually, the Tentacle will respawn, and you’ll have to kill it again.

Tip #3: Keep Your Distance

If possible, avoid getting too close to the Meteor Parasite’s main body.

It can spout poisonous gasses with minimal warning, and it’ll often do this the moment you get in range.

A long-range Focus Attack or a high-level spell is the easiest way to deal damage.

Tip #4: Heal Often

It’s paramount that you heal at the earliest available opportunity, especially if you have low Defense.

Avoiding all of the Meteor Parasite’s attacks is nearly impossible, so take some time to heal whenever you’ve fallen below five hearts.

Time to use all of the food items you’ve been hoarding / FFCC Remastered
Time to use all of the food items you’ve been hoarding.

Also, consider keeping an extra Phoenix Down in your Command List, so you don’t get a game over after forgetting to restock.

Tip #5: Watch Out for Phase 2

After you’ve taken around a third of the parasite’s health, the fight moves to the second phase.

Meteor Parasite second form / FFCC Remastered
Meteor Parasite second form.

Here, the strategy changes a little.

Instead of focusing on one side and ignoring the other, you can ignore both Tentacles and focus on damaging the main body.

The Tentacles can’t reach you when standing between the two dirt mounds in this part of the arena, so that’s the perfect place to launch your offensive.

As long as you keep moving and don’t get too greedy, the Tentacles should be easy to avoid as you cast quick spells or beat up the parasite with melee combos.

Tip #6: Avoid the Pink Circle

The parasite’s main attack during Phase 2 is calling forth a quick and deadly explosion at your location.

Look out for this pink circle on the ground / FFCC Remastered
Look out for this pink circle on the ground.

Start moving the moment you see the “head” pulsating with energy, and keep an eye for a smoking pink area – that’s where the blast is about to hit.

Tip #7: Run Away from Retreating Parasite

During Phase 2, the parasite’s “head” sometimes retreats into its shell.

Then it slowly opens its “mouth” and shoots a deadly laser that can’t be blocked.

Explosions mark the edge of the laser’s range / FFCC Remastered
Explosions mark the edge of the laser’s range.

When this happens, you want to get as much distance as possible between you and the boss. Get far enough, and the laser won’t hit you.

Tip #8: Watch Out for Phase 3

The battle’s third and final phase begins when the boss is down to around 30% health.

Meteor Parasite third form / FFCC Remastered
Meteor Parasite third form.

The parasite keeps the same homing blast move from Phase 2, but now it’ll sometimes follow up by spraying bullets in a wide area right in front of it.

You want to move to the sides or get some distance between you and the boss to avoid damage.

In addition, the two Tentacles are closer than ever, so all three appendages bombard you for most of the fight.

The best way to deal with this is by repeating the strategy from Phase 1 and focusing on a single Tentacle to make one side of the arena safer. Thunder (or Thundaga) remains a great option.

Obtainable Items

You’ll find several Artifacts throughout the dungeon, but you can only choose one to take with you.

Artifacts in Mt. Vellenge:

  • Aegis
  • Dark Matter
  • Elven Mantle
  • Flametongue
  • Ice Brand
  • Kris
  • Mage’s Staff
  • Masamune
  • Mjollnir
  • Ribbon
  • Sage’s Staff
  • Sasuke’s Blade
  • Wonder Bangle

No Materials or Recipes are found in this location.

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