Nest of Memories Answers + Final Bosses (FFCC Remastered)

Lady Mio in the Nest of Memories (FFCC Remastered)

The Nest of Memories is part of the final act of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Clearing it marks the end of the base game and unlocks the post-game content included in the FFCC Remastered Edition.

You’ll come here automatically after defeating the Meteor Parasite boss in Mount Vellenge.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to:

  1. Answer questions to reach the boss
  2. Defeat Raem (First Form Boss)
  3. Defeat Memiroa (Final Form Boss)

Get ready for a great challenge.


Take a couple of steps forward, and a glowing entity known as Mio will appear.

Mio appears for the first time / FFCC Remastered
Mio appears for the first time.

Talk to her, watch the cutscene, then talk to her again.

Step #1: Defeat the Red Minions

You’ll be attacked by two Red Minions. These monsters hit hard, but they’re vulnerable to Paralysis from Thunder. Thundaga makes this encounter trivial.

Red Minion close-up / FFCC Remastered
Red Minion close-up.

Defeat them and talk to the glowing girl until she summons “the door of recollection.”

Step #2: Answer Mio’s Questions

You’ll be asked a question about your memories, such as what caravan is always chasing monsters or what decisions you made in specific events with Gurdy or the Striped Bandits.

The difficulty of this sequence depends on how well you remember your adventure.

Answer correctly, and the door will open for you. Fail, and you’ll have to fight some Minions again.

Tip: The correct answers should be in your Diary, so you can consult that first before moving forward here.

The Door of Recollection / FFCC Remastered
The Door of Recollection.

Going through the door will teleport you back to the same place. You must answer questions and cross the door five times to reach the boss.

Note: The more questions you get wrong, the stronger the Minions get.

Boss #1: Raem

Raem appears surrounded by golden light / FFCC Remastered
Raem appears surrounded by golden light.

The final two fights in the main campaign are fittingly difficult, but there are some ways to make it easier on you.

Here’s some boss tips for winning against Raem:

Tip #1: Aways Slot a Phoenix Down (or More)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated a fair amount of Phoenix Downs.

Now is the time to use them.

This fight is tough, and you must watch the entire cutscene and conversation between Raem and Mio every time you restart. Nobody has time for that.

Slotting just one Phoenix Down is the bare minimum. Ideally, you want two or three. It’s never too many.

Tip #2: Use Food Items

For these fights, it’s better to go all out and eat through your food storage.

Inventory showing various healing foods / FFCC Remastered
Inventory showing various healing foods.

You’ll be taking a ton of damage, and casting Cure is just too slow sometimes.

The more of each food you eat, the more your character will like it. This increases its healing effects, making them increasingly more powerful.

Some items, like Rainbow Grapes or Meat, can briefly increase stats like Attack or Defense.

Use these effects to your advantage while fighting the boss.

Tip #3: Focus on One Side

Like most other bosses, Raem has a couple of monsters fighting alongside it.

Minions guard Raem’s flanks / FFCC Remastered
Minions guard Raem’s flanks.


  • A Blue Minion to the left
  • A Red Minion to the right

They’ll both attack you right as the battle begins.

The boss will bring them back at the earliest opportunity after both are defeated.

Ideally, you’ll beat them both once before sticking to just one side of the boss.

Upon respawning, only the closest Minion will attack you. Defeating it won’t trigger an immediate respawn, making this side of the arena “safe”.

Tip #4: Avoid Bubbles

One of Raem’s favorite moves is spitting magic orbs from its two pincer-mouths.

Fire Bubbles approach the player / FFCC Remastered
Fire Bubbles approach the player.

Each resembles Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder magicite and will deal damage correspondingly.

Like the Giant Crab’s Slow-inducing bubbles, they move very slowly. Dodge them at a sharp angle when they’re closing in so they can’t loop around to hit you.

Tip #5: Keep Close to Avoid Lasers

After you’ve dealt enough damage, Raem will start shooting a red laser at the ground, causing an explosion of Fire damage in a wide radius around it.

Try standing around this location / FFCC Remastered
Try standing around this location.

Staying close to Raem makes it slightly easier to avoid massive damage, as it can’t fire its laser too close to itself.

At worst, you’ll have to move a little to dodge.

At best, you’ll find a spot where it can’t hit you at all.

Boss #2: Memiroa

Memiroa makes an entrance / FFCC Remastered
Memiroa makes an entrance.

After defeating Raem, a cutscene will play, and you’ll be transported to another arena.

Walk forward toward the blue orb for the fight against Memiroa to begin.

Tip #1: Cast Cure on Memory Bubbles

Throughout the fight, you’ll notice bubbles showing images of your loved ones floating around the map.

Memory Bubble containing memories of the player’s mother / FFCC Remastered
Memory Bubble containing memories of the player’s mother.

Cast Cure on these orbs to turn them into a new type of magicite that enables you to cast powerful magic instantly.

These are shown in your inventory as “???” and will be consumed once used.

The possible effects include:

  • Instant Thundaga, Firaga, or Blizzaga.
  • Instant Curaga.
  • Instant Invincibility.

If you fail to cast Cure in time, Memiroa will eat your memory. There’s a finite amount of these depending on your Memory count, so avoid that.

Tip #2: Save the ??? Spell for Upper Body

After you damage the lower “mouth” enough, it’ll collapse, and Memiroa’s main upper body will come down to face you directly.

This is when you can deal real damage to the boss, but you’re also at heightened risk of dying due to two powerful laser-type moves capable of one-hit knockouts.

Player tanks powerful laser attack with Invincibility / FFCC Remastered
Player tanks powerful laser attack with Invincibility.

That’s why it’s better to save all of your ??? magicite until this moment and use them until you get Invincibility.

Once invincible, you can focus on damaging the main body with melee or magic without worrying about your safety.

Thundaga, Firaga, and Blizzaga’s effects will also deal significant damage.

Tip #3: Be Bold & Stay Close

Invincibility is also helpful against Memiroa’s lower body, but you should remain on the offensive and stay close to the boss even without it.

All of its laser-like moves are easier to avoid from close range. It’s also easier to deal melee damage.

Player faces Memiroa head-on / FFCC Remastered
Player faces Memiroa head-on.

More importantly, Memiroa favors dropping its pauldron drones on you when fighting in close quarters, even though it can’t hit you at that range.

That only leaves the Stopgas, which can be counteracted by Stop-resistant equipment like the Eternal Mail or Unfaltering Watch.

Obtainable Items

Your Bonus Points determine which rewards you qualify to get. The higher your points, the more chances you have to get good rewards.

It doesn’t get much better than 156 BP / FFCC Remastered
It doesn’t get much better than 156 BP.

Unlike previous dungeons, the rewards for clearing the final act seem randomized.

Luckily for completionists, they can be found elsewhere in the game as well..

All eight items are randomized this time / FFCC Remastered
All eight items are randomized this time.

And as usual, you can only choose one to take with you.

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