FFX Ally Overdrive Mode: How To Get It & How It Works

Rikku starting a turn in battle in FFX HD

You can unlock Ally Mode just by having each character in battle for 300-600 turns in total (the required number is different for each character in your party).

You will be notified that a character has learned this mode right as they hit the requirement during battle. Once the encounter is over, you can then go to the Overdrive section of your menu and select Ally Mode for your character.

The Ally Overdrive Mode in FFX lets characters fill up their Overdrive bar as soon as it’s their turn in battle. No actions need to be taken, since the gauge will fill at the start of a character’s turn.

Learning Ally Mode

Notification for Learning Ally Mode / FFX
Notification for Learning Ally Mode

To learn any specific Overdrive Mode in FFX, you’ll need to spend a number of turns fulfilling its condition. Each character will have a different number of turns required for every mode.

Ally Mode doesn’t require any specific action to learn it, and instead it’s learned by being in battle for X number of turns (this varies based on each character). So it will take longer to unlock compared to other Overdrive modes.

Here’s a breakdown of how many turns it will take each character to learn Ally Mode:

Ally Overdrive Mode Unlock
Character Number of Turns to Unlock Ally Mode
Tidus 600
Yuna 500
Wakka 350
Lulu 480
Kimahri 300
Auron 450
Rikku 320

Using Ally Mode

Setting a Character to Ally Mode / Final Fantasy X
Setting a Character to Ally Mode

Since Ally Mode lets characters fill their Overdrive gauge for every turn they take, it’s very useful for characters like Riku and Tidus who have naturally high Agility.

You can also use this mode in tandem with other abilities like Delay Attack and Haste.

Because this mode doesn’t require any action to be triggered, the Overdrive gauge will fill at a fixed rate.

Characters in Ally Mode will fill their Overdrive bars by 3% every turn in the International and HD Remaster versions of the game. If you’re playing on the North American version released on the PlayStation 2, then the Overdrive gauge will fill by 4% per turn.

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