FFX: How Do You Gain Experience in Blitzball?

Datto Shooting in Blitzball (FFX HD)

Blitzball players can gain experience by taking actions like passing and shooting during a game. So the fastest way of farming EXP for your blitzball team is to use special passing techs (like Nap Pass) to pass the ball back & forth between players repeatedly.

Here are the different actions you can take during blitzball and how much experience you gain from each one:

Action Experience Points Gained
Normal Pass 1
Normal Shot 1
Level 1 Pass Skill 2
Level 1 Shoot Skill 2
Level 2 Pass Skill 3
Level 2 Shoot Skill 3
Level 3 Pass Skill 4
Level 3 Shoot Skill 4
Successful Pass 2
Successful Shot 2
Sphere Shot 2
Invisible Shot 3
Jecht Shot 3
Jecht Shot 2 6
Auroch’s Spirit 6
Successful Tackle 3
Interception 3
Volley Shot 3
Level 1 Tackle Skill 1
Level 2 Tackle Skill 2
Level 3 Tackle Skill 3
Regular Tackle 0

How To Level Fast in Blitzball

Blitzball Pass Animation / FFX
Blitzball Pass Animation

The quickest way to grind out experience for your blitzball team is to have them pass the ball around at every chance during a game. Equipping pass skills (such as “Venom Pass”) and using them while grinding will speed up your leveling significantly.

Goalkeepers will always gain at least 2 experience points per half even if they don’t use any actions. Additional experience will be given to them after successfully stopping an enemy goal and if Super Goalie is triggered.

Hi-Risk: Should You Use It?

Blitzball Experience Screen / Final Fantasy X
Blitzball Experience Screen

Hi-Risk is a Tech that blitzball players can equip to double the experience they earn in a half of a game. However, it comes with a huge drawback in that it will also halve all of that player’s stats, hence its name.

Getting all of your stats cut in half is a pretty big deal, so using Hi-Risk isn’t normally worth it. Besides, grinding experience points by passing the ball around should be effective enough for leveling.

There might only be a couple of scenarios where using Hi-Risk might actually be worth it.

  • The first situation is if you look to level up a player that has higher stats than normal. Nimrook comes to mind as his stats are pretty high even at lower levels.
  • The second scenario is if you have confidence in your defenders on the field. If you believe they are good enough to keep opposing players from even getting a shot off, go ahead and use Hi-Risk on your goalie.

Since goalies will always gain experience even without taking any actions, they will always make use of Hi-Risk’s benefits.

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