FFX Comrade Overdrive Mode: How To Get It & How It Works

The party getting hit with an AoE Attack in FFX HD

You’ll unlock Comrade Mode when a character has been in battle for 100-300 turns where a different party member takes damage. The actual number of turns required to unlock this mode will be different for each character.

When set to Comrade Mode, a character will start filling their Overdrive gauge every time an ally takes damage. The more damage your allies receive, the faster a character’s Overdrive gauge will fill.

You can set a character to Comrade Mode by going to your menu and opening the Overdrive section. In this section, each character will have a list of unlocked Overdrive Modes you can choose from.

Learning Comrade Mode

Notification for Learning Comrade Mode / Final Fantasy X
Notification for Learning Comrade Mode

To learn Comrade Mode for a certain character, they need to be active on the field and have allies receive damage for a set number of turns. This number will differ with each character, so not everyone will learn Comrade Mode at the same pace.

Say for example you want to have Wakka unlock Comrade Mode.

To do this, have Wakka enter the battlefield and let the other two party members take damage for 100 turns. There’s no way to keep track of this in-game, so you might want to take notes yourself so you don’t lose count.

Here’s how long each character will take to learn Comrade Mode:

Comrade Overdrive Mode Unlock
Character Number of Turns to Learn Comrade Mode
Tidus 300
Yuna 240
Wakka 100
Lulu 100
Kimahri 100
Auron 220
Rikku 100

The condition for learning Comrade Mode is slightly different for the condition to trigger it.

Since learning the mode keeps track of the number of turns an ally takes damage, having any allies take multiple hits in one turn will only count as 1 point towards progress.

Using Comrade Mode

Setting a Character to Comrade Mode / FFX
Setting a Character to Comrade Mode

Comrade is one of the Overdrive Modes in FFX that does not fill a character’s gauge at a fixed rate.

The formula for calculating how much the Overdrive gauge will fill by is:

(Damage Received x 20) / Damaged Ally’s Max HP

To put it simply, you will gain Overdrive faster when your allies take more damage. Comrade Mode can be useful in long, drawn-out battles where the enemy likes to target the entire party frequently.

You can also use this mode in tandem with a character that is set up to tank most or all the damage in a fight. This can be done with abilities like Provoke and Guard.

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