FFX Donating to the Crusaders: What You Get + Is It Worth It?

The Crusader NPC asking for donations in FFX HD

When you get to the very end of the Mi’ihen Highroad for the first time, you’ll see a cutscene involving your party, the Crusaders, and Maester Seymour. Here, you’ll learn that the Crusaders are preparing for something called “Operation Mi’ihen”.

Once you are given permission to enter the next area, there will be a Crusader to your left that accepts donations for Operation Mi’ihen. Should you decide to donate some of your gil, you will be given an item in exchange.

What Items Can You Get?

The Moon Ring for Yuna / Final Fantasy X
The Moon Ring for Yuna

There are 3 possible items you can get from donating to the Crusaders, depending on the amount you give to them. You can get:

  • Scout (Weapon) for 100 gil
  • Ice Lance (Weapon) for 1000 gil
  • Moon Ring (Equipment) for 10,000 gil

Here’s a closer look at what each item can do:

Item Type Character Auto-Abilities
Scout Weapon Wakka Sensor, no vacant slots
Ice Lance Weapon Kimahri Icestrike, Piercing, no vacant slots
Moon Ring Armor Yuna SOS Shell, SOS Protect, no vacant slots

Is It Worth Donating to the Crusaders?

To be honest, no, it isn’t really worth spending your hard-earned gil on a donation here. The weapons you can get for Wakka and Kimahri are pretty common, and the Moon Ring for Yuna isn’t worth the price tag.

If you do have some extra gil and are feeling charitable, you’re better off donating to our good old friend O’aka XXIII, located further in the Mi’ihen Old Road.

O'aka on the Mi'ihen Old Road / Final Fantasy X
O’aka on the Mi’ihen Old Road

Donating at least 10,001 gil to O’aka will grant you a 30% discount on all his wares.

You can find O’aka on the Mi’ihen Old Road at this point in the story, and this will be your final opportunity to donate to him. Though you’ll have many more encounters with the merchant, he will stop accepting donations once you enter the Mushroom Rock Road.

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