FFX: What is Good Morning! & How Does It Work?

Zamzi Ronso falling asleep as a blitzball goalie (FFX HD)

Good Morning! is a blitzball tech that can be learned by some players in FFX. This tech offers a chance to boost a player’s stats when they’re woken up during a match. This does have a valid use case, because players can fall asleep during blitzball games, but it’s such a specific ability that it’s rarely worth using.

You can learn Good Morning! after winning it as a prize from a blitzball league or tournament.

How Good Morning! Works

Blitzball League Prizes / Final Fantasy X
Blitzball League Prizes

When a player falls asleep during a blitzball match, they will be incapacitated until woken up, giving the opposing team a 6 on 5 advantage. Sleeping players can be woken up in three ways:

  • Passing the ball to them
  • By scoring a goal (either team can score the goal)
  • Or by having a loose ball come their way

Good Morning’s effect can only be triggered by the first method – passing.

When using a normal pass to wake a teammate up, random stats will be chosen to get buffed up to 99.

Good Morning has a 50% chance of being triggered when the sleeping player is woken up by a pass.

And you can determine which stats will get buffed by using certain pass techs to wake up the sleeping player. Here’s a quick look at which stats will be increased by Good Morning when you use different pass techs:

Pass Type Stats Increased by Good Morning
Normal Pass Random
Venom Pass EN and CA
Nap Pass PA and AT
Wither Pass SH and BL

Is Good Morning Worth Using?

Botta of the Besaid Aurochs / Final Fantasy X
Botta of the Besaid Aurochs

While you can use Good Morning! on anyone in your blitzball team, it’s best to use this on weaker players in your lineup – most likely low-level players you want to get stronger. However, there are more efficient ways to level up the players on your team.

Also there’s something else to consider here:

To even get the benefits of Good Morning!, you’d need to be facing opponents that use Nap techs.

And even if they do have these techs equipped, you have no control over whether or not they’ll be used.

Overall, Good Morning is an interesting blitzball tech – but it isn’t really worth equipping at all. Tech slots are limited per player, so you’re better off using something better in your slots like a pass or tackle tech.

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