Kilika Cloister of Trials Guide + Destruction Sphere (FFX)

Outside of Kilika Temple in FFX HD

This guide will walk you through the Kilika cloister puzzle step-by-step, including where you’ll find the Destruction Sphere & how to get the treasure with it (a Red Armlet for Kimahri).

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1: To start the puzzle, take the Kilika Sphere that’s on the pedestal in front of you.

The First Kilika Sphere / FFX
The First Kilika Sphere

Step 2: Place the sphere on the door in the center of the room.

Where to Place the First Kilika Sphere / FFX
Where to Place the First Kilika Sphere

Step 3: The door will catch fire and burn away. After this, remove the sphere to open the passageway so you can continue into the next room.

First Door on Fire / FFX
First Door on Fire

Step 4: In the next room, place the Kilika Sphere on the north wall directly across from the room’s entrance. This will cause a glyph to appear on the wall.

Kilika Trial Second Room / FFX
Kilika Trial Second Room

Step 5: After the glyph appears, you’ll want to remove the Kilika Sphere from where you just put it, and then place that sphere on either of the other walls (doesn’t matter where).

One of Two Free Walls / FFX
One of Two Free Walls

Step 6: Touch the glyph revealed on the center wall to open up a passage.

Touching the Glyph in Kilika / FFX
Touching the Glyph in Kilika

Step 7: Now remove the glyph sphere from the pedestal and place it on one of the free slots.

Taking the Glyph Sphere / FFX
Taking the Glyph Sphere

Step 8: In the next room, step on the shining tile to teleport the pedestal into this room.

Shining Tile in the Third Room / FFX
Shining Tile in the Third Room

Step 9: Take the Kilika Sphere on the wall to your right, and place it on the pedestal.

Taking the Second Kilika Sphere / FFX
Taking the Second Kilika Sphere

Step 10: Push the pedestal onto the shining tile, revealing another Kilika Sphere below.

Pushing the Pedestal in Kilika / FFX
Pushing the Pedestal in Kilika

Step 11: Return to the previous room where you left the Glyph Sphere in one of the free slots on the walls.

Take that Glyph Sphere, then bring it back into this new room & place it on the wall next to the shining tile where you pushed the pedestal.

Placing the Glyph Sphere / FFX
Placing the Glyph Sphere

Step 12: A door will open that leads to a Destruction Sphere, but leave it there for now.

Kilika's Destruction Sphere / FFX
Kilika’s Destruction Sphere

Step 13: Go down the stairs and remove the Kilika Sphere that was revealed by pushing the pedestal.

The Third Kilika Sphere / FFX
The Third Kilika Sphere

Step 14: Place the Kilika Sphere on the door at the other side of the room, setting it on fire.

Placing the Third Kilika Sphere / FFX
Placing the Third Kilika Sphere

Step 15: Return to the Destruction Sphere and take it.

Taking Kilika's Destruction Sphere / FFX
Taking Kilika’s Destruction Sphere

Step 16: Place the Destruction Sphere on the slot down the stairs where you got the last Kilika Sphere. This will reveal the cloister’s hidden treasure – a Red Armlet.

Revealing Kilika's Hidden Treasure / FFX
Revealing Kilika’s Hidden Treasure

Step 17: Return to the door that’s on fire and remove the Kilika Sphere. This allows you to proceed through the door and complete the trial.

Passing Through Kilika's Final Door / FFX
Passing Through Kilika’s Final Door

Tips + Additional Notes

Obtaining the Hidden Treasure / FFX
Obtaining the Hidden Treasure

The second room you enter in the Kilika Cloister of trials will have 3 walls that have grooves for spheres. Only the middle wall has any real purpose in progressing the trial. The other two serve as extra spaces to place spheres while you’re solving the trial.

The hidden treasure that you’ll get from the Destruction Sphere is a Red Armlet. This is a pretty useful piece of equipment for Kimahri at this point in the game, since it has these abilities:

  • Fire Ward
  • Ice Ward
  • And Lightning Ward

Which each reduce magical damage from the 3 different elements by half.

Note: Obtaining the hidden treasure here is a requirement for obtaining an optional Aeon at a later point in the game. But you could skip the steps involving the Destruction Sphere at first, since you can return to Kilika Temple later.

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