FFX Slayer Overdrive Mode: How To Learn It & How It Works

Defeating a fiend in Bikanel (FFX HD)

To unlock Slayer Mode, each character will need to defeat between 80-130 enemies in battle (the required number is different for each party member). Characters set to Slayer Mode will fill their Overdrive gauge after dealing the final blow to an enemy. Their Overdrive gauges will be filled by a fixed amount every time this occurs.

You will receive a notification in battle when a character learns this Overdrive mode. Afterwards, you can switch to this mode by going to the Overdrive section in your menu.

Learning Slayer Mode

Notification for Learning Slayer Mode / Final Fantasy X
Notification for Learning Slayer Mode

To learn any new Overdrive mode, you’d need to fulfill the requirement that triggers that particular mode. Since Slayer Mode fills your gauge after defeating enemies, you’d need to defeat a set number of fiends before unlocking it for each character.

Here’s a list of how many enemies each character needs to defeat before they can learn Slayer Mode. Remember, a character must deal the final blow to an enemy for it to count.

Slayer Overdrive Mode Unlock
Character Number of Enemies to Defeat for Slayer Mode
Tidus 100
Yuna 110
Wakka 90
Lulu 130
Kimahri 120
Auron 80
Rikku 100

Note: Using the Steal ability to cause Machina-type enemies to malfunction or to open chests in battle will count as slaying an enemy.

Using Slayer Mode

Setting a Character to Slayer Mode / FFX
Setting a Character to Slayer Mode

Slayer Mode doesn’t rely on any damage calculations to determine how much the gauge will fill. Instead, it will fill at a fixed rate of 20% for each enemy defeated.

Slayer is one of the Overdrive Modes that is better suited for grinding out AP or farming certain items. In these situations, you’d be looking to defeat enemies as quickly as possible.

Of course, with Slayer Mode, this will result in your Overdrive gauges being filled up faster.

This will help speed up your farming process since using Overdrives more frequently will end battles sooner.

If you’re farming in an area that likes to spawn encounters with just one enemy, using Victor Mode would probably be a more efficient choice.

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