FFX Victor Overdrive Mode: How To Get It & How It Works

Rikku victory pose after battle (FFX HD)

To unlock Victor Mode, each character will need to win between 120-200 battles (the number varies for each character). Note that the character just needs to be in your party at the end of the battle for that to count, so they do not need to deal the final hit that wins the battle.

The Victor Overdrive Mode will fill that character’s Overdrive gauge after winning a battle. This mode can be useful when grinding out AP, since you’d be looking to do several quick battles in succession.

You can change a character’s Overdrive Mode by going to your menu and opening the Overdrive section. There, you’ll find a list of Overdrive Modes you’ve unlocked for each character.

Learning Victor Mode

Notification for Learning Victor Mode / FFX
Notification for Learning Victor Mode

Learning different Overdrive Modes requires you to fulfill the condition of that mode for a certain number of turns.

Since Victor Mode fills your Overdrive Gauge after winning a battle, you’d need to win a certain number of battles to unlock it.

For example, if you are trying to unlock Victor Mode on Kimahri, you’d need to win 120 battles with Kimahri still active at the end of the fight. The number of battles needed to learn Victor Mode will differ with each character.

Here’s a table that shows how many battles each character will need to win while remaining active at the end of the fight to learn Victor Mode:

Victor Overdrive Mode Unlock
Character Number of Battles to Learn Victor Mode
Tidus 120
Yuna 150
Wakka 160
Lulu 200
Kimahri 120
Auron 200
Rikku 140

Using Victor Mode

Setting a Character to Victor Mode / FFX
Setting a Character to Victor Mode

Setting a character to Victor Mode will fill their Overdrive gauge at a fixed rate.

When you meet the conditions at the end of the fight, characters on Victor Mode will have their Overdrive gauges filled by 20%.

This means that using Victor Mode will guarantee you a full Overdrive bar every five battles.

This can come in handy when farming AP and items, or when you are filling up the gauges of much slower characters in preparation for a boss fight.

In quick battles, characters with lower agility like Lulu and Auron may not always get a chance to participate before the encounter is over. With Victor Mode, these slower characters will at least get something out of the battle even without taking any actions.

In short: you’ll get the most benefit out of Victor Mode when you’re looking to end several battles quickly.

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