How To Get The Adamantoise Mount in FFXIV

FFXIV Adamantoise Mount outside in The Azim Steppe

The Adamantoise Mount can only be purchased for 200,000 MGP from the Manderville Gold Saucer. The Gold Saucer Attendant NPC (Gold Saucer – Entrance Square, X:5 Y:6) is who you’re looking for, specifically under “Prize Claim I”.

Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) are a special currency only used inside the attraction.

You earn them from various activities, including:

  • Triple Triad
  • Lords of Verminion
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Cactpot and Mini Cactpot
  • Doman Mahjong
  • The Fashion Report
  • Mini-games such as Cuff-a-cur, Out on a Limb, or The Finer Miner
  • GATEs (Gold Saucer Active Time Events)
    • Cliffhanger
    • Air Force One
    • Leap of Faith
    • Any Way the Wind Blows
    • The Slice is Right
The stage for the Cliffhanger GATE, inside the Round Square / FFXIV
The stage for the Cliffhanger GATE, inside the Round Square.

These all reward varying amounts of MGP, along with a Weekly reward for completing your Challenge Log.

If you complete every Challenge Entry, you’ll actually walk away with a whopping 95,000 MGP.

That’s nearly half an Adamantoise per week! Not to mention the MGP you’ll get for competing in the above Events.

All you need to access the wonders of the Gold Saucer is completion of a very short Quest.

The Well-Heeled Youth (Ul’dah – The steps of Nald, X10 Y:9) offers the Quest “It Could Happen to You” at Level 15. So the attraction is accessible quite early in your adventures.

The Gold Saucer often changes its Events around, and even has new ones added periodically. It’s always good to check in every Patch and see if any Prizes or games have been added.

Everyone’s a Winner – Especially You

The Prize Claim of The Gold Saucer in Entrance Square. / FFXIV
The Prize Claim of The Gold Saucer in Entrance Square.

Alongside your Adamantoise Mount, The Gold Saucer offers a huge array of Prizes. .

It’s absolutely worth your time to farm some MGP.

Here’s a list of just some of the awesome stuff you can purchase!


Item Cost (MGP)
Typhon Horn 750,000
Sabotender Emperador Horn 2,000,000
Fenrir Horn 1,000,000
Adamantoise Whistle 200,000
Archon Throne 750,000
Korpokkur Colossus Horn 750,000


Modern Aesthetics – Adventure 14
Modern Aesthetics – Rainmaker 5,000
Modern Aesthetics – Ponytails 8,000
Modern Aesthetics – Curls 9,600
Modern aesthetics – Lexen-tails 50,000
Modern Aesthetics – Great Lengths 30,000


Unlucky Rabbit 30,000
Black Coeurl 20,000
Zu Hatchling 10,000
Heavy Hatchling 20,000
Water Imp 10,000
Wind-up Nero tol Scaeva 30,000
Piggy 30,000
The gold Saucer even offers its own line of themed weaponry / FFXIV
The gold Saucer even offers its own line of themed weaponry

Orchestrion Rolls

A Cold Wind 5,000
Four-sided Circle 10,000
Sport of Kings 15,000
Agent of Inquiry 30,000
Torn from the Heavens 50,000
Battle to the Death – Heavenward 20,000
Battle Theme 1.x 20,000
Tempest 30,000
Spiral 30,000
Triumph 50,000
Revenge Twofold 50,000
Rise of Heroes (Chiptune Version) 50,000
Game Theory 30,000
Vamo’ alla Flamenco 50,000
A Fine Death 50,000

In addition to all of these, there’s a huge selection of glamorous for both you and your Chocobo. Such as the Emperador weaponry, pictured above, or Setzer’s Gambler set from Final Fantasy 6.

There’s sure to be an amazing Prize worth grinding for after you acquire your Adamantoise Horn. And there’s always fun to be had in The Manderville Gold Saucer.

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