How To Get The Ahriman Mount in FFXIV

Ahriman Minion in Central Shroud (FFXIV)

The Ahriman Mount can be purchased from Jonathas (Old Gridania – Apkallu Falls, X:11, Y:6) for six Achievement Certificates. And these Achievement Certificates are also rewarded by this same NPC: you’ll get one Certificate for every 50 Achievement Points you acquire.

Achievement Points come from just about everything you can accomplish in the game.

From slaying numerous enemies or leveling up Jobs, or even sightseeing.

Prior to Patch 4.1 in the Shadowbringers Expansion, the Ahriman Mount was a Veteran Reward. You were given the Mount after subscribing 90 days, among other things.

With the rework, it’s something that should be easily purchasable within your first few hours into FFXIV.

Once you’ve found your way to Jonathas, all you need to do is purchase the Voidal Resonator. Pop it from your inventory, and the Ahriman Mount is yours!

What Else Can You Get?

Jonathas excitedly offers congratulations for your Achievements at Apkallu Falls / FFXIV
Jonathas excitedly offers congratulations for your Achievements at Apkallu Falls

Jonathas offers a wide variety of rewards for your Achievement Certificates.

This includes most of the prior Veteran Rewards, like the iconic Behemoth Mount or the Wind-up Odin Minion.

It’s always worth heading over to Old Gridania to see what you can spend your hard-earned Achievement Certificates on. His inventory generally has things added every so often.

Here’s a full list of all the goodies you can acquire with Certificates:

Item Cost (Certificates)
Goblin Cap (Glamour) 1
Beady Eye (Minion) 2
Wind-up Cursor (Minion) 2
Black Chocobo Chick (Minion) 2
Minion of Light (Minion) 2
Wind-up Leader (Minion) 2
Wind-up Odin (Minion) 2
Wind-up Warrior of Light (Minion) 2
Wind-up Goblin (Minion) 2
Wind-up Gilgamesh (Minion) 2
Wind-up Nanamo (Minion) 2
Wind-up Nanamo (Minion) 2
Fat Chocobo Head (Glamour) 1
Wind-up Firion (Minion) 2
Komainu (Minion) 2
Voidal Resonator (Mount) 6
Behemoth Warhorn (Mount) 6
Magitek Deathclaw Key (Mount) 6
Beyond Redemption (Orchestrion) 2
Ribbon (Glamour) 2
Enquire Within (Furnishing) 3
Black Mage Barding (Chocobo) 3
Flyer Shaffron (Chocobo) 3
Barding of Light (Chocobo) 3
Wild Rose Barding (Chocobo) 3
Cascadier Uniform Voucher (Glamour) 2
The Beady Eye Minion goes perfectly with your Ahriman Mount / FFXIV
The Beady Eye Minion goes perfectly with your Ahriman Mount

As you can see, the Ahriman isn’t the only Mount you can earn here.

It’s worth knocking out those Achievements for many of these rewards.

While some can be claimed directly from your Main Menu, these will always be with Jonathas. Be sure to check out his inventory from time to time.

Best of luck in your adventures!

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