How To Get The Assassin Fry Minion in FFXIV

Assassin Fry Minion close-up in FFXIV

The Assassin Fry Minion is obtained primarily through Desynthesis. Being added in Patch 2.4 of A Realm Reborn, you’ll need to catch a Ninja Betta fish and then break it down via desynth to get this minion.

Here’s how to get started:

First and foremost, you’ll need to be at least a Level 50 Fisher Disciple of the Land. The fish you’re looking for is rare – and it requires a minimum Gathering stat of 359+.

Obviously the higher your level and Gathering stat, the better.

Catching Some Ninja Bettas

The Ninja Betta can only be found in one place in all of Eorzea. The fishing hole you’re looking for is Mor Dhona – The Tangle, X:14 Y:13.

The fish itself isn’t a direct catch either.

You’re actually after the Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish. You’ll then need to use the Mooch skill, and then hopefully a Ninja Betta will be on your hook.

The Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish is a small tug, denoted by one exclamation point (!) over your character’s head.

Fishing during Gloam weather in Mor Dhona, the only time you can catch the Ninja Betta / Final Fantasy XIV
Fishing during Gloam weather in Mor Dhona, the only time you can catch the Ninja Betta.

You can use any of the following baits to catch the Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish:

  • Midge Basket
  • Crow Fly
  • Butterworm
  • Floating Minnow
  • Brass Spoon Lure
  • Chocobo Fly
  • Bass Ball
  • Silver Spoon Lure
  • Sylphid Basket

It is also important to note that the Ninja Betta has very specific requirements to appear.

  • It’s only available between 6PM and 9AM Eorzean Time, and
  • The Gloom weather effect must be present in Mor Dhona

If those two things aren’t occurring, then you have a 0% chance to catch the fish.

If the window is up, then hopefully your Mooch lands you the Ninja Betta. It’ll have a large tug, denoted by three exclamation points (!!!).

You should also take this opportunity to catch as many as you can. This is due to the Assassin Fry requiring you to Desynthesize your freshly caught fish.

Breaking apart your fish into a hopefully tinier and more adorable fish / FFXIV
Breaking apart your fish into a hopefully tinier and more adorable fish.

Desynthesis is an Action available to any Disciple of the Hand, provided they’ve reached Level 30. You can unlock this ability by speaking with Syntgoht (Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:14 Y:10) and picking up the Quest “Gone To Pieces”.

He’ll send you to the Bonfire in Black Brush of Central Thanalan. Nesting Heron will then give you the action and offer a brief explanation.

After that, you’re prepared to break down some fish!

Desynthesizing Your Fish

The Ninja Betta can turn into any of the following via Desynthesis:

  • Water Crystals
  • Fine Sand
  • Grade 5 Dark Matter
  • Assassin Fry Minion
  • Allagan Gold Piece

Hopefully you’ll get your Minion sooner than later.

Note: Having a higher Desynthesis Level (such as above the recommended 80) will yield better results. You can also break down a bunch of lower grade fish should you need to bump up your Desynthesis skill. That way you won’t be wasting those annoying-to-catch Ninja Bettas.

Keep at it, and eventually you’ll be the proud owner of a miraculously flying Assassin Fry.

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