How Do You Get The Capybara Pup Minion? (FFXIV)

Capybara Pup at the Azim Steppe in FFXIV

The Capybara Pup Minion can only be acquired from treasure coffers in the following Duties:

  • The Hidden Canals of Uznair
  • The Lost Canals of Uznair
  • The Shifting Altars of Uznair

These special dungeons are only available by completing Level 80 Maps. Specifically, you’re looking for Gazelleskin Treasure Maps.

Maps are gathered from any node in Stormblood Zones that’s level 75 or above. This does mean you’ll need to have either a Miner, Botanist, or Fisher around that Level.

It should also be noted that you’ll need at the very least a Light Party, as the dungeon itself is synced.

Treasure Hunting for Your Capybara Pup

Treasure Hunting for Your Capybara Pup / FFXIV
Treasure Hunting for Your Capybara Pup.

Once you’ve unearthed your treasure after deciphering the Map, you’ll need a bit of luck.

Because after defeating all enemies spawned by the Coffer, it has a chance to create a Portal.

That Portal is what will take you to one of the three dungeons.

Then once inside the dungeon, you’ll be tasked with defeating waves of enemies. After successfully wiping them out, you get your Loot.

There are 5 rooms in each dungeon.

The unfortunate news is that the Capybara Pup isn’t a guaranteed drop. The further you progress in the dungeon however, the better the Loot. And truth be told, these dungeons are functionally casinos.

After each wave of enemies you’ll be faced with either:

  • Two or three doors
  • Or a massive roulette wheel

You’re at the mercy of RNG to decide if you proceed.

So, as you may have guessed, getting your hands on a Capybara Pup can be quite the challenge. The good news is that there’s a ton of other rewards available from Maps.

Pushing Your Luck

The gloriously golden final room of Uznair / Final Fantasy XIV
The gloriously golden final room of Uznair.

If you find yourself without the ability to decipher a Treasure Map, you’re in luck. All you’ll need to do is complete a short Quest to gain the ability.

Maps have been available since way back in Patch 2.1.

You can begin gathering them around level 40 as any Disciple of the Land. However, the quest to figure them out is only level 36.

H’loonh has clearly had too much Wineport / FFXIV
H’loonh has clearly had too much Wineport.

Seek out H’loonh (Eastern La Noscea – Wineport, X:21 Y:21) to pick up the wuest “Treasures and Tribulations”.

She’ll send you after Ealdwine who’s gone off in search of treasure despite the dangers. Seek him out in the eastern area of Upper La Noscea.

After opening the chest, deal with any enemies that spawn.

Then simply speak with Ealdwine once again to complete the Quest and receive the “Dig” ability.

This ability is what you’ll use to unearth chests once you’ve deciphered their locations. It’s available from your Actions & Traits Menu under the General tab.

If you plan on doing a lot of excavating, be sure to put it somewhere convenient on your hotbar.

Keep in mind that the Loot table itself for Uznair duties is quite massive. But as a short summary, it contains any of the following items:

  • Crafting Materials
  • DoH/DoH/DoL Materia (Grade IV, V, VI)
  • Minions (Wind-up Namazu, Capybara Pup, Hedgehoglet, Wind-up Matanga
  • Orchestrion Rolls (The Twin Faces of Fate, Navigator’s Glory, Born of the Boughs)
  • Gil
  • Allagan Tomestones of Poetics

So gather some friends or FC Mates and mine yourself some Maps. The rewards are generally well worth it, and they go by quickly.

Keep delving into Uznair and eventually you’ll walk out with your Capybara Pup Minion!

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