FFXIV Copperbell Mines (Hard): How To Unlock + Boss Guide

Inside Copperbell Mines in FFXIV

You can unlock the dungeon Copperbell Mines (Hard) by talking to Hugubert in Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:8.7) and accepting the quest “Out of Sight, Out of Mine”. You’ll also need to have at least a level 50 Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic job.

But there are some quests you need to complete first, including the final quest of patch 2.0 of A Realm Reborn.

Let’s cover the whole unlocking process + all the boss mechanics for this dungeon:

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Copperbell Mines (Hard) entrance / FFXIV
Copperbell Mines (Hard) entrance
  1. Complete the Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “Into a Copper Hell” from Momodi in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:11.6, Y:9.6)
  2. Complete the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0)
  3. Accept the quest “Out of Sight, Out of Mine” from Hugubert in Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:8.7)
  4. Meet with the Stone Torch outside of Copperbell Mines in Western Thanalan (X:27.9, Y:16.8)

Detailed Unlocking Guide

Momodi in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald / FFXIV
Momodi in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald

As with every dungeon or trial with multiple difficulties in the game, you need to clear the normal version of Copperbell Mines before you can unlock the harder version.

You can do this by completing the level 17 MSQ “Into a Copper Hell” from Momodi in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:11.6, Y:9.6). Rid the Copperbell Mines of the invading Hecatoncheires to clear the dungeon, then report back to Momodi.

At that point, continue with the patch 2.0 MSQs until you finish the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0). This quest concludes the Main Scenario Questline of patch 2.0, and completing it allows you to unlock the level 50 expert-level dungeons – including Copperbell Mines (Hard).

Hugubert NPC in Mor Dhona / FFXIV
Hugubert NPC in Mor Dhona

So at this point, go and accept the quest “Out of Sight, Out of Mine” from Hugubert in Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:8.7).

Hugubert will talk to you about a rumor from his friend working in the mines: the Hecatoncheirs have resurfaced and killed miners along the way.

Out of fear for his friend’s safety, he will have you talk to the authorities in the mines to help deal with the situation.

Head to the Stone Torch outside of Copperbell Mines in Western Thanalan (X:27.9, Y:16.8), where the officer will confirm Hugubert’s tale. To make things worse, the decorated Stone Torches unit has been ineffective in dealing with the Hecatoncheirs.

With the mining operation in jeopardy, you’ll be heading for the mines once more.

After talking to the Stone Torch, Copperbell Mines (Hard) will be unlocked. To enter the dungeon you’ll need at least a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic job, and an average item level of 48.

Since Copperbell Mines (Hard) was released way back in patch 2.1, it’s very easy to solo when you enter it unsynced with a high-level character. If you encounter this dungeon in a duty roulette, you’ll need to do it synced.

And to help you clear the dungeon quickly, here’s a breakdown of each boss and their rewards.

Boss #1: Hecatoncheir Mastermind

Hecatoncheir Mastermind / FFXIV
Hecatoncheir Mastermind


The arena for this encounter is a single line of tracks. These tracks will slowly be covered by fire as the fight continues. The tank should constantly move the boss along the tracks as tracks get burned. Destroy the “Flambeau” mob immediately to avoid a party wipe.

  • Blizzard: A constant, hard-hitting attack on the primary target. Mitigate and heal through the damage.
  • Mining Dross: Green mobs scattered along the tracks that apply poison to targets. The tank should pick up these mobs, and the healer should dispel the poison while the rest of the group bursts them down.
  • Dark Fire III: Every 45-60 seconds, the boss will cast “Dark Fire III” and cover a quarter of the tracks with fire. Standing on the burning tracks will inflict a constant fire DoT on the player. If the boss manages to cast this skill four times, the entire set of tracks will be covered. The boss should be killed before this happens, or your party will eventually wipe.
  • Flambeau: A fire sprite will spawn at least once whenever the boss casts “Dark Fire III.” If the sprite reaches the burning part of the tracks, it will cast “Self-Destruct” and most likely wipe the part. Kill these sprites as soon as possible.
  • Grand Slam: The boss’ non-telegraphed normal attack can cleave. Tanks need to face the boss away from the party.
  • Smite of Rage: Boosts the boss’ next attack. This buff is usually used before “Grand Slam.”
  • Hecatoncheir Rockvaulter: Hecatoncheir mobs will spawn after 50% of the tracks have been covered with fire. These mobs can use “Overpower,” a large cone AoE. Tanks should pick these mobs up to avoid excess damage to the rest of the group.


5 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics, plus:

Name Type Rarity
Demagogue Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Austere Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Espadrilles Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Pattens Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Jackboots Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Leg Guards Feet Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Duckbills Feet Dungeon (Green)
Thick Sollerets Feet Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Moccasins Feet Dungeon (Green)
War Caligae Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)

Boss #2: Gogmagolem

Gogmagolem in Copperbell Mines (Hard) / FFXIV
Gogmagolem in Copperbell Mines (Hard)


This boss has very high defense, so killing it traditionally is not recommended when you’re doing the dungeon while synced. Use the tools and mobs around the arena to damage the boss.

  • Improved Blasting Device: This device spawns a “Waymaker Bomb” that can be used to damage the boss. One DPS player should carry the bomb towards the boss and let it explode. These bombs have a timer, so you have to place them in the boss’ path, not directly underneath the boss.
  • Rockslide: A non-telegraphed column attack. The tank should face the boss away from the party.
  • Kindling Sprite: These sprites will spawn after the first “Waymaker Bomb” explodes to interrupt party members. They can use “Dark Fire III,” a targeted AoE attack that inflicts a burning DoT, and a regular “Fire” attack. One DPS should kill these sprites while the other operates the blasting device.
  • Earthen Heart: A targeted and telegraphed AoE that leaves a fiery blue puddle. Standing in this puddle will inflict a constant burn debuff. Keep the burning puddles in one area to give your party more room to operate.
  • Plaincracker: A very fast point-blank AoE. Always stay away from the boss unless you’re a tank.
  • Biggy: The spriggan operating the golem will jump out and rush towards the blasting device. Upon reaching the device, he will destroy it and cause “Shattering Cap” mobs to spawn. Biggy can use “Romp,” a cone AoE, and “Frenetic Flurry,” a multi-hit attack. Kill Biggy to end the encounter.
  • Shattering Cap: Untargetable mobs that spawn after the blasting device is destroyed. They will cast “Self-Destruct” over a large area. These AoEs don’t cover the entire room, so you’ll have some safe zones available.


10 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics, plus:

Name Type Rarity
Demagogue Wristlets Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Wristlets Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Wristlets Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Wristlets Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Wristlets Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Austere Ringbands Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Mitts Hands Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Gloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Thick Vambraces Hands Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bracers Hands Dungeon (Green)
War Mitt Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Monocle Head Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Mask Head Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Elmo Head Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Circlet Head Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Celata Head Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Goggles Head Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Helm Head Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Thick Chain Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bandana Head Dungeon (Green)
War Mesail Head Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)

Boss #3: Ouranos

Ouranos in Copperbell Mines (Hard) / FFXIV
Ouranos in Copperbell Mines (Hard)


A sandworm will constantly swim inside the sandpit. Only the tank should stand inside the sandpit, while the rest of the party handles mechanics and the extra mobs outside the sandpit.

  • Sand Worm: The boss’ pet worm can spawn and will swim around in the sandpit, dealing damage to anyone in its way. When a prompt saying “Searching for Fodder” appears, the healer should pick up a crystallized rock and place it in the sandpit, or the worm will use “Bottomless Desert.”
  • Bottomless Desert: The worm will drag players towards the middle of the arena, dealing very high damage if it’s not fed with crystallized rocks. Always drop a rock in the sandpit whenever the worm spawns.
  • Grand Slam: A frontal cleaving attack. Only the tank should stand in front of the boss at all times.
  • Mercurial Strike: The boss’ telegraphed AoE that can knock players back. The tank should always face the boss away from the party.
  • Power Attack: A targeted AoE that inflicts a slowing debuff. Bait the AoE away from the group and dodge.
  • Impact Roar: A group-wide AoE attack. Mitigate and heal through the damage.
  • Hecatoncheir Rocksplitter: Mobs will spawn near the crystallized rocks after some time to interrupt players. DPS players should burn these mobs down while the healer picks up the rocks.


  • 15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Faded Copy of The Dark’s Embrace Orchestrion Roll (not guaranteed)
Name Type Rarity
Austere Cowl Body Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Gown Body Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Tabard Body Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Cuirass Body Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Jacket Body Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Acton Body Dungeon (Green)
Thick Haubergeon Body Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Tunic Body Dungeon (Green)
War Harness Body Dungeon (Green)
Austere Tights Legs Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Slops Legs Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Chausses Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Brais Legs Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Thick Skirt Legs Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Kecks Legs Dungeon (Green)
War Subligar Legs Dungeon (Green)

Extra Treasure Coffers

One of the extra treasure coffers in Copperbell Mines / FFXIV
One of the extra treasure coffers in Copperbell Mines

Apart from the boss rewards, there are four treasure coffers located throughout the dungeon that you can open for more gear rewards. Their locations are:

  • (X:12.3, Y:8.3)
  • (X:11.8, Y:12.5)
  • (X:9.6, Y:13.9)
  • (X:9.3, Y:13.4)

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