How Do You Get The Copycat Bulb Minion? (FFXIV)

The Copycat Bulb Minion on table (FFXIV)

The Copycat Bulb Minion can be obtained from Gold Happy Bunny Coffers in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos. This is the third Eureka Zone, only accessible after completing the first two.

Happy Bunny Coffers are a sort of treasure hunt mechanic.

There are special FATEs inside the Eureka Zones, and upon completion, they’ll award you with a Happy Bunny Companion.

You’ll utilize the “Lucky Carrot” Key Item, which is placed in your inventory automatically, to follow the Bunny to treasure. Following the hints provided, it’ll eventually lead you to one of three types of Coffers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

You’re looking exclusively for the Gold Coffer, which isn’t guaranteed.

This means you’ll likely be rescuing a massive amount of Happy Bunnies over your Eurekan Adventures. Especially if you want the elusive Copycat Bulb.

Getting Your Copycat Bulb Minion

One of two Happy Bunny FATEs in Eureka Pagos, this one featuring a Yeti / FFXIV
One of two Happy Bunny FATEs in Eureka Pagos, this one featuring a Yeti

You’re on the lookout for two specific FATEs once inside Eureka Pagos:

  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Eureka Pagos, X:18 Y:27) – Level 20 FATE
  • Curiouser and Curiouser (Eureka Pagos, X:21 Y:21) – Level 31 FATE

Each of these will have you vanquishing a number of foes while protecting said Happy Bunnies. You can fail if all the Bunnies are defeated, so be careful.

Once that’s all said and done, you’re ready to find your fortune.

As mentioned above, your Happy Bunny will lead you to one of three types of Coffers. They each offer different rewards.

Here’s a full list of the goodies they can contain:


  • 10,000 Gil
  • Pagos Sage
  • Pagos Spring Water
  • Savage Aim Materia V
  • Savage Might Materia V
  • Quickarm Materia V
  • Quicktongue Materia V
  • Battledance Materia V


  • 25,000 Gil
  • Happy Bunny Triple Triad Card
  • Stuffed Happy Bunny Furnishing
  • Savage Aim Materia VI
  • Heavens’ Eye Materia VI
  • Quickarm Materia VI
  • Quicktongue Materia VI
  • Battledance Materia VI


  • 100,000 Gil
  • Wooden Hakutaku Eye
  • Burning Hakutaku Eye
  • Earthen Hakutaku Eye
  • Damp Hakutaku Eye
  • Copycat Bulb Minion
  • Savage Aim VI Materia
  • Heavens’ Eye VI Materia
  • Quickarm VI Materia
  • Quicktongue VI Materia
  • Battledance VI Materia

Unfortunately, you’ve only got a chance within a chance of obtaining the Copycat Bulb Minion.

Which is why obtaining this particular plantoid is a real pain in the bulb.

The good news is that you’ll become a veritable paragon of goodness to all Happy Bunny kind with all of them you’ll save. Keep at it and you’ll find yourself with one of the rarest Minions in the entire game!

Alternative Method (Good Luck!)

The Immortal Flames Quartermaster in Ul’dah / FFXIV
The Immortal Flames Quartermaster in Ul’dah

If getting through almost all of Eureka seems a bit too daunting a task, then you’ve still got a shot. A very, very long shot.

Your Grand Company, upon achieving the Rank of Captain, will offer you these Material Coffers.

Material Containers (at 20,000 Grand Company Seals a piece) can contain any Minion or Mount from their relevant Expansion.

This means that the Material Container 4.0 has a very slim chance to drop the Copycat Bulb Minion.

It’s a great way to add to your Minion menagerie, even if you’re adamant about grinding for your Copycat Bulb.

Either way, rest assured that very few copies of the Copycat Bulb exist for a reason.

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