FFXIV Cutter’s Cry: How To Unlock + Boss Guide

Cutters Cry Dungeon Exterior in FFXIV

You can unlock the Level 38 dungeon Cutter’s Cry by accepting the Level 38 quest “Dishonor Before Death” from Sibold in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.9, Y:10.1).

Cutter’s Cry is an optional dungeon whose only requirement is to have a Level 38 Disciple of War of Magic character to accept the quest with. If you’re a new player and don’t have a high-level job yet, we’ll start with some leveling tips you can use to get to the required level quickly.

Getting To Level 38 Fast

Grinding exp on mobs / FFXIV
Grinding exp on mobs

If you’re a new player, the best method to level up is to complete Main Scenario Quests (MSQs). These quests give you a ton of experience while progressing through the game, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

But if you’ve run out of MSQs to do, there are many other ways to get experience.

To name a few:

  • Dungeons
  • Full Time Active Events (FATEs)
  • Hunting Logs
  • Sidequests

Out of the three, spamming dungeons is the fastest way to get experience apart from MSQs.

If you’re using a tank or healer job, queueing can be very fast, so you won’t have time to try the other methods. DPS jobs may not have this luxury at times, so you’ll have enough time to do FATEs, Hunting Logs, or side quests.

Joining a FATE in Eastern La Noscea / Final Fantasy XIV
Joining a FATE in Eastern La Noscea

FATEs are the next best option to get more experience.

You’ll need to go to different areas to do FATEs within your level range.

Here are some FATE hotspots you can use on your way to Level 38. Note that these aren’t the only areas you can use for the specific level range listed.

Level Range Aetheryte Zone
01 to 12 Horizon Western Thanalan
10 to 19 Aleport Western La Noscea
21 to 30 Quarrymill South Shroud
30 to 34 Costa del Sol Eastern La Noscea
35 to 40 Camp Dragonhead Coerthas Central Highlands

Unlocking the Cutter’s Cry Quest with Sibold

The veteran Sibold / FFXIV
The veteran Sibold

Once you get to Level 38, simply head to Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.9, Y:10.1) and accept the quest “Dishonor Before Death” from Sibold.

In this quest, you’ll hear the sobering story of the Darklight Raiders, Sibold’s old crew.

Back in the day, the Darklight Raiders were heralded as one of the best mercenary bands in Eorzea.

Unfortunately, Cutter’s Cry proved too difficult even for the battle-tested veterans. Sibold, now older and retired, wishes for a bouquet of flowers to be placed on the final resting place of his former comrades.

After talking to Sibold, Cutter’s Cry will be unlocked. This dungeon requires a Level 38 Disciple of War or Magic job to enter and has no item level requirement.

Let’s take a look at each boss mechanic to help make your runs smoother:

Boss #1: Myrmidon Princess

The Myrmidon Princess stands tall while her minions hide in the shadows / Final Fantasy XIV
The Myrmidon Princess stands tall while her minions hide in the shadows


If your team doesn’t want to deal with the boss’ minions, have the healer aggro all the minions and run around the room while the rest of the group burns down the boss.

  • Mandible Bite: A frontal cone attack. Avoid as necessary.
  • Silence: The boss will target a random player to be inflicted with the “Silence” debuff for six seconds. This debuff prevents the target from casting skills or spells. This debuff can be dispelled using “Esuna.”
  • Trap Jaws: A instant attack on the primary target. Mitigate and heal through the damage
  • Haste: The boss will buff herself with “Haste,” speeding up her skills and attacks.
  • Myrmidon Soldier: One of the boss’ minions. Soldiers have no notable skills to look out for, so just burn them down.
  • Myrmidon Guard: Guards can also use a weaker version of “Trap Jaws.”
  • Myrmidon Marshal: The boss’ strongest minion that can also use “Mandible Bite.” This minion must be killed first.
  • Formic Pheromones (Myrmidon Marshal): The Marshal will cast this skill to apply a “Rehabilitation” buff on the boss, healing her over time. Kill the Marshal as soon as possible.


Name Type Rarity
Seer’s Cowl Body Dungeon (Green)
Aetherial Amethyst Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Aquamarine Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Garnet Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Goshenite Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Heliodor Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Pearl Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Peridot Earrings Earrings Aetherial (Pink)
Conquistador Vambraces Hands Dungeon (Green)
Divining Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Venerer’s Bracers Hands Dungeon (Green)
Conquistador Elmo Head Dungeon (Green)
Divining Hat Head Dungeon (Green)
Poacher’s Hat Head Dungeon (Green)
Aetherial Amethyst Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Aquamarine Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Garnet Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Goshenite Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Heliodor Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Pearl Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Peridot Choker Necklace Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Wolf Necklace Necklace Aetherial (Pink)

Boss #2: Giant Tunnel Worm

The Giant Tunnel Worm resting in its sandpit / FFXIV
The Giant Tunnel Worm resting in its sandpit


The boss will burrow underground multiple times throughout the fight. While the boss is underground, stay away from the center of the arena and look for the sandpits on the ground indicating where the boss will come from.

  • Sandstorm: A non-telegraphed frontal cone AoE.
  • Sand Cyclone: The boss will target a random player with a “Sludge” DoT. This debuff can be dispelled with “Esuna.”
  • Sand Pillar: Players caught in the boss’ path while it’s burrowed will get hit with “Sand Pillar”. Avoid the sandpits that form on the ground.
  • Earthbreak: After some time, the boss will emerge from the ground, hitting anyone within its vicinity with “Earthbreak.” Stay away from its path and you should be fine. The arena is quite wide, so you’ll have enough room to dodge.
  • Bottomless Dessert: Instead of tunneling underground, the boss may also use a room-wide AoE that pulls players to the middle. Move away from the center to avoid the “Earthbreak” that will follow after, then heal through the damage.


Name Type Rarity
Kokoroon’s Darkshell Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Loyalist’s Bliaud Body Dungeon (Green)
Poacher’s Tunic Body Dungeon (Green)
Aetherial Amethyst Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Aquamarine Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Boarskin Wristbands Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Garnet Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Goshenite Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Heliodor Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Pearl Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Peridot Bracelet Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Red Coral Armillae Bracelets Aetherial (Pink)
Divining Gaskins Legs Dungeon (Green)
Paladin’s Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Poacher’s Kecks Legs Dungeon (Green)
Aetherial Amethyst Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Aquamarine Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Garnet Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Goshenite Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Heliodor Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Mythril Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Pearl Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)
Aetherial Peridot Ring Ring Aetherial (Pink)

Boss #3: Chimera

The mighty Chimera / Final Fantasy XIV
The mighty Chimera


  • Lion’s Breath: An instant frontal cone AoE in front of the boss without a telegraph. Mitigate and heal through the attack.
  • Ram’s Breath: The blue ram head’s frontal cone AoE that also inflicts a 30-second “Heavy” debuff, slowing the player down for a few seconds. The tank can easily sidestep this to the right if they stay directly in front of the boss.
  • Dragon’s Breath: The purple dragon’s frontal cone AoE that also inflicts a 30-second “Paralysis” debuff, interrupting the player’s actions every three seconds. Sidestep this attack to the left instead.
  • Ram’s Voice: A point-blank AoE attack that inflicts a 14-second “Frostbite” DoT. When the prompt “The ram’s eyes now burn blue” appears, run away from the boss immediately.
  • Dragon’s Voice: A room-wide donut AoE that inflicts a 30-second “Paralysis” debuff. When the prompt “The dragon’s eyes now burn violet” appears, run inside the boss’ hitbox as soon as possible.
  • Cacophony: The boss will target a random player with a blue “Cacophony” orb that will follow them around after some time. If anyone touches this orb before it stops on its own, it’ll immediately explode, dealing AoE damage and inflicting “Paralysis” around it. Bait the orb away from the party until it explodes.
  • Ram’s Keeper: The boss’ point-blank AoE attack that leaves an ice puddle underneath. This attack inflicts “Frostbite” and “Heavy” at the same time. The puddle also continuously applies a DoT to anyone standing in it. Avoid the initial AoE and move the boss away from the puddle.


  • Chimera Triple Triad Card (not guaranteed)
Name Type Rarity
Crier’s Grimoire Book Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Composite Bow Bow Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Radical Cane Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Knives Daggers Dungeon (Green)
Conquistador Thighboots Feet Dungeon (Green)
Divining Moccasins Feet Dungeon (Green)
Engineer’s Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Carbine Firearms Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Baghnakhs Fist Weapon Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Bhuj Greataxe Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Claymore Greatsword Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Halberd Polearm Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Scutum Shield Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Staff Staff Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Star Globe Star Globe Dungeon (Green)
Crier’s Broadsword Sword Dungeon (Green)
Abomination Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll Basic

Extra Treasure Coffers

One of the extra coffers from Cutter’s Cry / FFXIV
One of the extra coffers from Cutter’s Cry

Apart from the boss rewards, there are four treasure coffers located throughout the dungeon that you can open for more gear rewards:

  • (X:16.0, Y:9.9)
  • (X:16.7, Y:7.2)
  • (X:8.8, Y:6.8)
  • (X:6.5, Y:9.7)

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