How To Get The Dodo Mount in FFXIV

Dodo Mount trots along the Rasen Kaikyo of the Ruby Sea (FFXIV)

The Dodo Mount can be obtained from a Dodo Horn, which you can only get from Platinum-haloed Sacks found in Heaven-on-High. Platinum-haloed Sacks can only be found on Floors 71-100 of Heaven-on-High.

Those sacks are also hidden, requiring the use of a Pomander of Intuition to be detected and unearthed.

It’s possible to stumble across one by sheer luck. But that requires standing still in an unmarked spot. Don’t get your hopes up on that one, even if it has an Achievement attached to it.

Once you’ve found your Sacks, you will need to finish up your current set of Floors and escape. The treasure you’ve found is lost upon death, so make sure to play it safe.

Note: Heaven-on-High is referred to as a Deep Dungeon, notably because it uses a separate leveling and progression system. In addition, it has 100 Floors, which is a huge departure from the majority of Dungeons in the game.

Once you finally get your sacks, you’ll take your stash of spoils to the Confederate Appraiser (The Ruby Sea – Rasen Kaikyo, X:21 Y:9.). Hopefully fortune smiles upon you, and opening your Sacks awards a Dodo Horn.

Heaven-on-High, reaching far into the clouds over the Ruby Sea (FFXIV)
Heaven-on-High, reaching far into the clouds over the Ruby Sea.

Unlocking Heaven-on-High

Opening up your opportunity at the elusive Dodo does require a bit of side-questing.

Your first step is to have finished the 50th Floor of the previous Deep Dungeon, The Palace of the Dead.

Palace of the Dead is available quite early on, after completing the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell.”

You’ll need to pick up “The House That Death Built” from Nojiro Marujiro (New Gridania – Carline Canopy, X:12 Y:13) and complete the entire chain.

Strap on your spelunking gear and descend into the Palace by speaking with the Wood Wailer Expeditionary Captain (South Shroud – Quarrymill, X:25 Y:21)

With the Palace conquered (or mostly conquered) you’ll next need to finish up the level 63 Stormblood Scenario Quest “Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out.”

Hamakaze enjoying his pipe along the coast of Isari (FFXIV)
Hamakaze enjoying his pipe along the coast of Isari.

All said and done, you’re set to be “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by speaking to Hamakaze (The Ruby Sea – Isari, X:6 Y:12)

Delving into the massive tower, you’ll need to defeat Hiruko on Floor 30.

Afterwards, accept the final Quest “On the Shoulders of Giants” from Kyusei (The Ruby Sea – Rasen Kaikyo – Crick, X:21 Y:9)

Now go prove that the bird isn’t extinct.

Juedi soars over the ruins of Doma Castle along The Dairyu Moon Gates (FFXIV)
Juedi soars over the ruins of Doma Castle along The Dairyu Moon Gates.

What Else Can I Get?

It goes without question that a 100-floor mystical tower would be filled with loot.

The Dodo Mount you’re hoping for is but one of the many items that can drop, so here’s a quick overview of all possible treasures:

Silver-haloed Sacks (found on Floors 1-29):

  • Allagan Platinum Piece (Gil)
  • Minions
  • Chocobo Bardings (ARR, Heavensward & Stormblood Primals)
  • Grade V & VI Materia
  • Triple Triad Cards (Wanyudo & Katasharin, Hatamoto)
  • Modern Aesthetics – Gyr Abanian Plait (Hairstyle)

Gold-haloed Sacks (found on Floors 31 – 69):

  • Glamour pieces (Ao Dai, New World Headdress, Quan etc.)
  • Triple Triad Cards (Wanyudo & Katasharin, Hatamoto, Hiruko)
  • Orchestrion Rolls (Heavensward)
  • Minions
  • Premium Dyes (Pure White, Dark Blue etc.)

Platinum-haloed Sacks (found on Floors 71-99):

  • Crafted Weapon Glamour (Round, Fiend etc.)
  • The Open Box Orchestrion Roll
  • Minions
  • Miniature Heaven-on-High (Outdoor Furnishing)
  • Dodo Horn (Mount)

As you can see, there’s quite a litany of spoils to be found from the sacks you’ve dug up.

Unfortunately, that does make your Dodo a bit more elusive.

However, you can maximize your chances by only opening up Platinum-haloed Sacks.

In addition to all the treasure, HoH also offers a large amount of Experience to any Job from 61-69.

This makes it a good way to quickly get certain Disciples of War or Magic up to speed.

Not only that, but if you also manage to conquer all 100 Floors of this Dungeon four times, you get an additional Mount: Juedi (pictured above) is a fantastic reward for all your hard work in pursuit of your Dodo.

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