How To Get The Eldthurs Mount in FFXIV

Eldthurs roaming the Firing Chamber of Eureka Pyros (FFXIV)

The Eldthurs Mount can only be acquired from an Eldthurs Horn, which you can get from Gold Coffers in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. Gold Coffers are only found after completing two specific FATEs in the zone: “We’re All Mad Here” and “Uncommon Nonsense”.

Once you complete those FATEs, you’ll be accompanied by a “Happy Bunny”.

Through use of the unique action “Lucky Carrot”, they will lead you to treasure. Once you’ve found the spot, you have a chance of uncovering a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Coffer.

The contents of the Coffer and whether it’s a certain grade are completely random.

This can make your pursuit of the Eldthurs a bit difficult.

But the location of the treasure you’re seeking is also random. So every Bunny you save can potentially lead you to a different spot. Patience is key in pursuit of your elusive Eldthurs Horn.

Having Your Eureka Moment (Getting Started)

Battling a Notorious Monster in the turbulent Isle of Val / FFXIV
Battling a Notorious Monster in the turbulent Isle of Val.

Unlocking access to Eureka isn’t too tough a process.

You’ll just need to have completed the level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”.

If that’s out of the way, head on over to Rhalgr’s Reach to seek out Galiena (Rhalgr’s Reach – Chakra Falls, X:10 Y:12). She’ll have the Quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka”.

A quick trip to Kugane to chat with Kotokaze (Kugane – Tasogare Bridge, X:10 Y:10) and she’ll direct you to Pier #1.

There you’ll rendezvous with your old friend Gerolt. Perpetually indebted to Rowena, he’s now enlisted to help with her Eurekan ventures.

You’ve now unlocked The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. So that’s the good news.

The bad news is you’re going to need to complete the entirety of Anemos and the following area, Pagos.

The snowy and desolate Eureka Pagos / FFXIV
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Eureka is unique in that it operates on an entirely different system than the main game. Namely, Elemental Level and the Magia Board.

Elemental Level is independent from your Character Level, though it is shared between Jobs. Defeating monsters in Eureka rewards a much larger amount of Experience than outside.

In addition, you have a special Challenge Log for defeating monsters of a particular Element.

Knowing that is important, because you’re in for quite a grind on the way to your Eldthurs.

The Magia Board functions in a way familiar to classical RPGs. You’ll attune your Board to whichever opposing or matching Element in order to battle. So a Fire aspect is weak to a Water aspect, for example.

The Zone itself is extremely dangerous.

If a Monster is more than 3 Levels above you, it’ll likely demolish you in seconds. You’ll need to proceed cautiously – or better yet with a Party.

Eureka Anemos has an Elemental Level cap of 20.

In order to unlock Pagos, the next Zone, you’ll need to get to Level 17 and finish a Relic. Krile offers Quests at Levels 1, 3, 5, 9, 13 and 17.

The Relic Weapon is independent from this. You’ll need to finish it before you gain access to Pagos. The weapon itself is forged from your Level 70 Antiquated version.

You got one for free from a Coffer after finishing your Job Quests. But if you trashed it, you can repurchase it from any Calamity Salvager under “Job Gear”.

The Eurekan Red Mage Relic, Brunello / FFXIV
The Eurekan Red Mage Relic, Brunello.

And to upgrade your Weapon, you’ll need a few thing:

  • Protean Crystals, obtained by defeating Elemental Monsters and NMs
  • Anemos Crystals, which can be traded for with Protean Crystals
  • Pazuzu Feathers, obtained by defeating the NM Pazuzu

There are four steps in all:

Grade Item 1 Item 2
Grade 1 100 Protean Crystals Nothing
Grade 2 400 Protean Crystals Nothing
Grade 3 800 Protean Crystals Nothing
Anemos 150 Anemos Crystals 3 Pazuzu Feathers

Tip: Pazuzu Feathers are also purchasable from Expedition Birdwatcher (Eureka Anemos – Port Surgate, X:19 Y:31) for 300 Protean Crystals each.

Once you’ve finished your requisite Quests and Relic, you can progress to the next Zone.

The Quest “And We Shall Call It Pagos” is accepted from Rodney (Kugane – Pier#1, X:9 Y:14). It immediately unlocks the next Zone, which is a separate Grind.

You can skip finishing your Relic, though to get all the rewards Eureka offers it’s encouraged.

Krile offers Quests in Pagos at Levels 17, 21, 23, 25, 29 and 35.

Your Relic progression is a little different as well, becoming available at Level 25.

Grade Item 1 Item 2
Pagos 5 Frosted Protean Crystals Nothing
Pagos +1 10 Frosted Protean Crystals 500 Pagos Crystals
Elemental 16 Frosted Protean Crystals 5 Louhi’s Ice

Frosted Crystals are acquired by defeating NMs and collecting Light in an Aetheric Kettle. You can hold a maximum of 9 in the Kettle before having to empty it.

The Light yield of NMs has been buffed significantly since release.

Tip: Again, this step is optional, but it gives you access to unique Equipment further in Eureka.

With this out of the way, you’re finally prepared to enter Pyros for your Eldthurs hunt!

It’s Rabbit Season (Finding Coffers)

Happy Bunny guides you to Treasure in Eureka Pyros / FFXIV
A Happy Bunny guides you to Treasure in Eureka Pyros.

Speak to Rodney once again to Accept and complete “And We Shall Call It Pyros”.

Congratulations – you’ve done it.

“We’re All Mad Here” (Level 35) and “Uncommon Nonsense” (Level 46) are the two FATEs you’ll need to watch for. Completing either will give you a Happy Bunny that’ll lead you to treasure, pictured above.

There are three possible Coffers to discover with this treasure, and they can contain the following items:

Bronze Coffers

  • 10,000 Gil
  • Grade V & VI Materia
  • Logograms

Silver Coffers

  • 25,000 Gil
  • Happy Bunny Card
  • Modern Aesthetics – Form and Function
  • Archaeodemon Horns
  • Eldthurs Horn
  • Grade V & VI Materia
  • Logograms

Gold Coffers

  • 100,000 Gil
  • Happy Bunny Card
  • Modern Aesthetics – Form and Function
  • Archaeodemon Horns
  • Eldthurs Horn
  • Grade V & VI Materia
  • Logograms

Both the Silver and Gold can drop the Mount you’re looking for.

Gold has the highest chance, but you can still get lucky with a Silver Coffer.

Best of luck in your grind – it’s a long one but well worth it!

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