Where To Get The Gigantpole Minion (FFXIV)

Gigantpole Minion close-up screenshot in FFXIV

The Gigantpole Minion can be obtained a few different ways, but primarily through Fishing. The particular Fishing Hole you’re looking for is The Burning Wall, Level 40, located in Eastern Thanalan (X:29, Y:24).

You’ll also need a special lure: the Topwater Frog. This will be required to hook your Gigantpole.

The lure can be crafted by Goldsmiths, and is a Level 44 recipe. It doesn’t require any exclusive materials, just the following:

  • 5 x Wind Shard
  • 5 x Fire Shard
  • 1 x Cobalt Ingot
  • 1 x Rosewood Lumber

With your Topwater Frog in your tacklebox, you’re all set to fish in the waters of Eastern Thanalan and take in the view.

Fishing for your Gigantpole Minion

The Burning Wall is one of the best vistas in all of Eorzea / FFXIV
The Burning Wall is one of the best vistas in all of Eorzea.

The weather doesn’t have any effect on whether you can hook this minion or not, so that’s a good thing.

The downside is that it’s pretty rare. You can go for an hour without seeing one.

As with most fishing rewards, perseverance is key!

This minion is also a Large Tug, meaning you’re looking for three exclamation points (!!!) above your head.

Hopefully when they pop up, you’ve got your minion on the line.

Fun fact: the gigantoads lose this miraculous flight ability upon reaching adulthood. Which is great, because no one wants to encounter a giant flying toad in the wilderness.

Alternate Method

Material Container 3.0 in the menu / FFXIV
Material Container 3.0 in the menu

The second method of getting your Gigantpole minion is a bit more random.

But if you’re averse to spending a lot of your time fishing, this is a good option.

Simply head over to your Grand Company Quartermaster. Once you’ve attained the Rank of Captain, you can purchase a Material Container 3.0 for 20,000 Company Seals.

This container can hold almost any Minion from either Heavensward or A Realm Reborn, including your Gigantpole!

So this secondary method is quite a grid, but it’s worth remembering in case you find yourself missing wide array of Minions – or if you just hate fishing.

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