FFXIV Haukke Manor (Hard): How To Unlock + Boss Guide

Haukke Manor (Hard) interior in FFXIV

To unlock the Level 50 dungeon Haukke Manor (Hard), you’ll need to accept the Level 50 quest “Maniac Manor” from Lauriane in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:8.6) inside the Seventh Heaven Bar.

But first, you need to clear Haukke Manor’s normal mode and finish the Level 50 final Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0). We’ve organized all of the quest requirements below:

Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Haukke Manor’s entrance in the Central Shroud / FFXIV
Haukke Manor’s entrance in the Central Shroud
  1. Complete the Level 28 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “Skeletons in Her Closet” from Ursandel in Old Gridania (X:11.9, Y:4.5).
  2. Finish the Level 50 MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0).
  3. Accept the quest “Maniac Manor” from Lauriane in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:8.6).

Detailed Unlock Guide

Ursandel looking worse for wear / Final Fantasy XIV
Ursandel looking worse for wear

As with every hard dungeon in the game, you need to unlock and clear its normal version first. Head to Old Gridania (X:11.9, Y:4.5) and accept the Level 28 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “Skeletons in Her Closet.”

This quest is deep into the Main Scenario Questline for A Realm Reborn, so you’ll need to do every quest leading up to it beforehand.

“Skeletons in Her Closet” will also grant you access to Haukke Manor’s normal mode. Clear the dungeon using the Duty Finder, or solo it while unsynced to finish the quest.

Continue with the MSQs until you finish the Level 50 MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0). Finishing this quest allows you to unlock the expert-level dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, including Haukke Manor (Hard).

Lauriane’s map location in Mor Dhona / FFXIV
Lauriane’s map location in Mor Dhona

Once you’re finished with all the required MSQs, head to the Seventh Heaven bar and talk to Lauriane in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:8.6).

She’ll tell you about a stranger she encountered in Gridania that talked about the horrors that are taking place inside the manor yet again.

Speak with Ursandel again in Old Gridania (X:11.9, Y:4.5) to get more information.

Your old acquaintance will confirm Lauriane’s rumors and ask for your help in clearing the manor once again. It would seem that voidsents have taken over the manor this time around, and Wood Wailers are currently fighting for their lives inside the manor.

After talking to Ursandel, Haukke Manor (Hard) will be unlocked.

While this dungeon can be cleared easily on your own while unsynced, you may encounter it during duty roulettes. Here’s a breakdown of each boss and their mechanics to help you out:

Boss #1: Manor Jester

Manor Jester and two Manor Butlers / Final Fantasy XIV
Manor Jester and two Manor Butlers


  • Blizzard: The boss’ fast-casting normal attack.
  • Void Blizzard: A single-target attack that also inflicts a “Slow” debuff. This debuff increases the delay between its target’s attacks. Healers should dispel this debuff as soon as possible.
  • Void Blizzard III: A hard-hitting tankbuster on the primary target. Mitigate and heal through the attack.
  • Manor Butler: The boss will continuously summon skeletal butlers throughout the fight using a purple resurrection circle. These butlers can use “Hell Slash,” a heavy-hitting attack.
  • Manor Steward: While it’s not guaranteed, the boss may also resurrect this stronger version of the “Manor Butler” mob. If the boss summons this mob, focus on killing it first.
  • Nether Burst (Manor Steward): A strong room-wide AoE attack. Mitigate and heal through the damage.


  • 5 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Name Type Rarity
Demagogue Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Austere Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Espadrilles Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Pattens Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Jackboots Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Leg Guards Feet Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Duckbills Feet Dungeon (Green)
Thick Sollerets Feet Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Moccasins Feet Dungeon (Green)
War Caligae Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)

Boss #2: Ash

Ash the Blade Demon / FFXIV
Ash the Blade Demon


  • Abyssal Wing: A frontal cleave attack on the boss’ primary target. The tank should always face the boss away from the party.
  • Abyssal Charge: The boss will summon weapons around him that will dash toward five different directions. Avoid as necessary.
  • Prime Guillotine: Blue line attacks will appear in set patterns throughout most of the arena. Players hit by these attacks will be inflicted with a “Silence” debuff, preventing them from casting any spells. Identify the pattern and dodge accordingly.
  • Tenebrous Missile: The boss will target a random player with a single-target attack. Afterward, a spinning weapon will appear underneath where the target was standing when the cast went off. Standing too close to the spinning weapon will result in a knockback and “Heavy” debuff, slowing the player’s movement. Bait the missiles in one area and move out as soon as the attack goes off.
  • Abyssal Transfixion: A single-target attack on the primary tank that applies a “Paralysis” debuff. This debuff interrupts a player’s action every three seconds for 30 seconds. Healers can dispel this debuff.


  • 10 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Name Type Rarity
Austere Ringbands Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Mitts Hands Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Gloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Thick Vambraces Hands Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bracers Hands Dungeon (Green)
War Mitt Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Monocle Head Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Mask Head Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Elmo Head Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Circlet Head Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Celata Head Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Goggles Head Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Helm Head Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Thick Chain Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bandana Head Dungeon (Green)
War Mesail Head Dungeon (Green)

Boss #3: Halicarnassus

The voidsent Halicarnassus / Final Fantasy XIV
The voidsent Halicarnassus


Phase 1: Manor Sentry

Always tank the boss in the middle of the arena to avoid overlapping damage and prepare for mechanics later in the fight.

  • Void Thunder III: A tankbuster attack on the primary target. Use mitigation skills and heal through the damage.
  • Void Fire II: A random player will be targeted with a large circular AoE. Move out of this as necessary.
  • Dark Mist: The boss will cast a point-blank AoE that inflicts a “Terror” debuff. This debuff will freeze a player in their place for 10 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to AoEs. Move out of the boss’ hitbox to avoid.
  • Manor Sentry: At around 80% HP, the boss will summon the “Manor Sentry.” Burn this mob down as soon as possible to mitigate the incoming “Blood Rain” AoE damage.
  • Stone (Manor Sentry): The sentry’s fast-casting normal attack.
  • Stoneskin (Manor Sentry): The sentry will buff the boss with a shield, absorbing a set amount of damage (similar to the old White Mage “Stoneskin”).
  • Dread Gaze (Manor Sentry): A look-away mechanic that inflicts “Paralysis” on affected players. Face your character away from the sentry before the cast goes off.
  • Fatal Allure (Phase 1): The boss will sacrifice her selected minion, absorbing them to heal herself, gain buffs, and increase the damage of the incoming “Blood Rain” attack. The sentry grants the boss stun and silence resistance.
  • Blood Rain: An unavoidable room-wide AoE that deals damage based on the HP of the minion that the boss absorbed. Lower the sentry’s HP as much as possible to mitigate the attack.

Phase 2: Manor Maidservant

  • Void Fire IV: An improved version of the “Void Fire II” AoE due to the absorbed “Manor Sentry.”
  • Manor Maidservant: The boss will summon her Phase 2 minions at around 60% HP. Similar to the sentry, bring their HP down as much as possible.
  • Void Fire III (Manor Maidservant): A non-telegraphed AoE attack on a random target. Spread out to avoid overlapping damage.
  • Fatal Allure (Phase 2): The second maidservant she absorbs will give her a “Damage Up” buff after absorbing them.
  • Blood Rain (Phase 2): Since there are two maidservants to absorb, the boss will cast this attack twice. Remember to mitigate and heal through both attacks quickly.

Phase 3: Lady Amandine

If the boss is brought down to 30-35% very quickly, she may instantly absorb “Lady Amandine” and wipe the party with “Blood Rain”.

If your party is having trouble with this, stop hitting the boss at around 40% HP to let Amandine spawn.

  • Void Thunder IV: An improved version of the “Void Thunder III” tankbuster due to the absorbed “Manor Maidservants.”
  • Lady Amandine: The boss from Haukke Manor’s normal mode returns as Halicarnassus’ minion for the third phase. The boss will spawn Amandine at around 30-35% HP.
  • Fire (Lady Amandine): Amandine’s fast-casting normal attack.
  • Dark Mist (Lady Amandine): Amandine’s version of “Dark Mist.” Move out to avoid the “Terror” debuff.
  • Void Thunder III (Lady Amandine): Amandine’s version of “Void Thunder III.” Mitigate and heal through the attack.
  • Fatal Allure (Phase 3): After absorption, Lady Amandine will give the boss a “Haste” buff, making the boss’ attacks go off faster.
  • Beguiling Mist + Void Fire IV: The boss will cast a room-wide AoE that inflicts the “Seduced” debuff, causing players to move toward the boss for four seconds. Then, she’ll use “Void Fire IV” immediately after. Move to the corners of the room to give yourself enough room to avoid the succeeding “Void Fire IV.”


  • 15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Succubus Triple Triad Card (not guaranteed)
Name Type Rarity
Austere Cowl Body Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Gown Body Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Tabard Body Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Cuirass Body Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Jacket Body Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Acton Body Dungeon (Green)
Thick Haubergeon Body Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Tunic Body Dungeon (Green)
War Harness Body Dungeon (Green)
Austere Tights Legs Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Slops Legs Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Chausses Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Brais Legs Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Thick Skirt Legs Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Kecks Legs Dungeon (Green)
War Subligar Legs Dungeon (Green)

Extra Treasure Coffers

One of the extra coffers inside Haukke Manor (Hard) / FFXIV
One of the extra coffers inside Haukke Manor (Hard)

Apart from the boss rewards, there are four treasure coffers located throughout the dungeon that you can open for more gear rewards:

  • (X:10.4, Y:11.5)
  • (X:12.6, Y:10.2)
  • (X:10.3, Y:12.1)
  • (X:10.8, Y:12.1)

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