How To Get The Manacutter Mount in FFXIV

Flying on Manacutter Mount in FFXIV

The Manacutter Mount is obtained through completion of the level 55 Main Scenario Quest “Into the Aery”. Since this was first introduced in Patch 3.0, your miniature Airship mount is within reach once you’re in the Heavensward Expansion.

Upon arriving in the Churning Mists in pursuit of Nidhogg, you’ll find yourself completing some mundane Moogle tasks.

After all the weed-pulling and monster-slaying (and in need of an airship to traverse the aetheric turbulence), you seek out Cid (Foundation – The Skysteel Manufactory, X:8 Y:10).

Into The Aery

Ascending into Nidhogg’s Lair, The Aery / FFXIV
Ascending into Nidhogg’s Lair, The Aery.

After overcoming all the obstacles in your path, all that stands in the way of your Manacutter is a massive hive of dragons.

No problem at all.

The Aery can pose a slight challenge to newer players though, due to the introduction of a few new mechanics.

To summarize the Bosses so you’re prepared:


  • Electric Cachexia is a circular aoe with a wide range, the safe spot is within melee of the boss. Similar to Dragon’s Voice, frequently used by Chimeras.
  • Prey, a debuff denoted by an icon and large stream of thunder targeting you. Resolved by running behind one of the many statues along the outside of the arena.


  • The Boss will place clouds of poison around the room. For each cloud present, they will gain a stacking damage buff.
  • In intervals, green bomb enemies will spawn. Allow these bombs to consume one or two of the clouds to eliminate the boss’s buff stacks. Kill before self-destruct.
The Warrior of Light and Estinient fighting Nidhogg / FFXIV
The Warrior of Light and Estinient prepare to vanquish Nidhogg.


  • Crimson Price will spawn fiery orbs (2 to start, an additional 1 per repetition) that burn anyone in the area before exploding in a line. Simply move to the side when the boss faces you while casting.
  • Sable Price will trap one player, suspending them in the air. The Orb will begin casting Sable Weave, and must be destroyed by the Party before the cast finishes. If not, the Player inside will die.
  • When Nidhogg has roughly a third of his health left, he retreats and begins spawning dragon adds. These must be killed as quickly as possible, ideally away from Estinien, and you must hide within his shield to survive the impending attack.
  • Of special note, if Estinien is killed at any point during this fight, Nidhogg will enrage and wipe your Party. The Healer can actually target Estinien and heal him should his health get low.

After triumphing over your scaly adversary, simply talk to Estinien after exiting the dungeon to claim your Manacutter Key.

Now go claim those Aether Currents so you can take to the skies!

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