How Do You Get The Marid Mount? (FFXIV)

The towering Marid Mount in-game (FFXIV)

The Marid mount can be purchased for 18 Ananta Dreamstaff from the Ananta Beast Tribe (Madhura, The Fringes – Castellum Velodyna, X:21 Y:26). You’ll earn Dreamstaff as rewards for completing your daily Beast Tribe Quests, and you’ll get 1 per turn-in.

Unfortunately, the Marid itself will require a bit of work to unlock.

But we’ve got you covered.

Rank 7 (Sworn) is the reputation level you’re looking to get to, which will take you 31 days if you’re diligent.

This is due to the Beast Tribe Allowances Cap and the Tribe itself offering you 3 opportunities. The cap will reset if you improve your Rank that day, allowing you to knock out 6 Quests in a single day.

Luckily, the Quests will allow you to accrue the Ananta Dreamstaff in addition to Experience and Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.

Unlocking the Ananta Beast Tribe

Ananta Beast Tribe Entryway in FFXIV
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Unless you’re a completionist, actually getting into the friendzone of the Ananta can be a bit of a struggle.

In order to even approach them you’re going to need to complete a series of side quests in two locations.

First and foremost, you must complete the Stormblood Main Story Quest “The Silence of the Gods” by vanquishing Lakshmi.

This gives you full access to The Fringes map and Aether Currents.

Now is a great time to point out that if you haven’t unlocked flying in this zone yet, do so now. Not only will it expedite the prerequisite quests, but also your dailies as well.

All in all, you’ll need to do 9 Quests in The Fringes to warm the Ananta’s scaly disposition.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone NPC Location in FFXIV
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Your starting point is Serpent Marshal Brookstone (The Fringes – Castrum Oriens, X:9 Y:11).

“The Hidden Truth” is the first in a series of Quests you’ll have to complete. It is likely you have already done it since it rewards an Aether Current, and you want that magic wind.

If you’ve already completed the previous step, you’ll start with “Drawing a Blank” from Tahla Molkoh (The Fringes – Castrum Oriens, X:9 Y:11).

Run off, find your clues, and turn them in to start the next step.

Brookstone will start the final two tasks:

“Seeking Answers” and “The Honest Truth”.

Miqo’te settlement screenshot in FFXIV
Miqo’te settlement.

The second chain of Quests starts high in the Miqo’te settlement, with M’razh Nunh (The Fringes – The Peering Stones, X:30, Y:26).

“A New Contender” is what you’re looking for, which will have you chatting it up and maiming some unsuspecting gazelle.

For the next three Quests, you’ll be taking your commissions from M’zhet Tia (The Fringes, X:30, Y:23). Those are as follows:

  • “Down but Not Out”
  • “Make a Man out of You”
  • “Honoring Family”
M’zhet Tia NPC Screenshot in FFXIV
M’zhet Tia NPC

Finishing up those tasks, you’ll finally have unlocked the Quest “The Rose Blooms Twice”.

Talk to M’razh Nunh one final time to gain access to the Vira Ananta Tribe (The Fringes – Castrum Velodyna, X:22 Y:26).

The Benefits Of The Tribe

True Griffin Mount Screenshot in FFXIV
The True Griffin Mount

You may be looking at all this grinding you’ll have to do and might be thinking to yourself “Do I really want this Elephant?”

Short answer yes, long answer is that you’ll get even more rewards along the way, so also yes.

In addition to being a nice daily dose of experience for your battle Jobs, the Ananta also rewards Poetics Tomestones and the aforementioned Dreamstaffs.

As pictured above, you can even get a second Mount from your reptilian friends!

Here’s a list of everything you can get, which unlock as your Rank rises:

Reward Rank Cost
False Nails (Glamour) Friendly (Rank 3) 6 Dreamstaff
Stuffed Ananta (Decor) Friendly (Rank 3) 5 Dreamstaff
Wind-up Ananta (Minion) Trusted (Rank 4) 7 Dreamstaff
Ballroom Etiquette – Salacious Sentiments (Emote) Respected (Rank 5) 5 Dreamstaff
Keepers of the Lock (Music) Honored (Rank 6) 3 Dreamstaff
Ananta Material Supplier Permit (Housing) Honored (Rank 6) 1 Dreamstaff
Ananta Junkmonger Permit (Housing) Honored (Rank 6) 1 Dreamstaff
Ananta Mender Permit (Housing) Honored (Rank 6) 1 Dreamstaff
Ananta Maidservant Permit (Housing) Honored (Rank 6) 1 Dreamstaff
Marid Horn (Mount) Sworn (Rank 7) 18 Dreamstaff
True Griffin Horn (Mount) Bloodsworn (Rank 8) 18 Dreamstaff
Wind-up Qalyana (Minion) Allied (Rank 9) 7 Dreamstaff
Ananta Metalworks (Decor) Allied (Rank 9) 5 Dreamstaff

Of special note in this chart is the “Allied” Rank, which actually isn’t achieved based solely on your progress with the Ananta.

Allied Reputation will unlock upon achieving “Bloodsworn” with all three Stormblood Beast Tribes, so the Namazu and Kojin must be completed as well.

Whether the final items are worth it is up to you.

But any experience is good experience when you’re trying to level up.

Not to mention you’ll also be rewarded for your efforts with the Title “The Kageyama Killer” and the amazing Gratuity emote.

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