FFXIV Pharos Sirius (Normal): How To Unlock + Dungeon Guide

Pharos Sirius Dungeon Screenshot in FFXIV

You can unlock the normal-difficulty Level 50 dungeon Pharos Sirius by accepting the Level 50 quest “Sirius Business” from Diamanda in Western La Noscea (X:26.5, Y:26.7).

However, this quest won’t become available until you complete the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0).

We’ll cover a step-by-step guide below on how to complete the requirements to unlock this dungeon, along with the mechanics of each boss you’ll fight in the dungeon itself.

Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Entrance to Pharos Sirius in the Isles of Umbra / Final Fantasy XIV
Entrance to Pharos Sirius in the Isles of Umbra
  1. Complete the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0).
  2. Accept the Level 50 quest “Sirius Business” from Diamanda in Western La Noscea (X:26.5, Y:26.7).
  3. Speak with Mimidoa in Western La Noscea (X:27.4, Y:29.0).
  4. Talk to Davyd near the entrance to Pharos Sirius in Western La Noscea (X:16.1, Y:30.7).

Detailed Unlocking Guide

Begin unlocking Pharos Sirius by finishing the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “The Ultimate Weapon” from Raubahn in Northern Thanalan (X:15.0, Y:16.0).

This is the final quest of the Main Scenario Questline for patch 2.0 of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

You’ll need to finish every MSQ leading up to “The Ultimate Weapon” before “Sirius Business” becomes available. Once you’ve finished the required MSQs, talk to Diamanda in Western La Noscea (X:26.5, Y:26.7) to accept the quest.

Diamanda from Naldiq & Vymelli’s / Final Fantasy XIV
Diamanda from Naldiq & Vymelli’s

Diamanda is one of the smiths employed by Naldiq & Vymelli’s blacksmithing guild to assist in the restoration of the Pharos Sirius lighthouse.

Unfortunately, a Siren and her minions have taken over the lighthouse. The Siren has already taken the life of her father and caused her brother to be lost in the sea.

Powerless to defeat such a foe, she’ll ask for your help in ridding the lighthouse of the Siren and her minions. Talk to the master smith, Mimidoa in Western La Noscea (X:27.4, Y:29.0) to see how you can help out.

Mimidoa’s map location in Western La Noscea / Final Fantasy XIV
Mimidoa’s map location in Western La Noscea

Mimidoa will confirm Diamanda’s story about the Siren and her minions infesting the lighthouse.

You’ll also learn that Diamanda’s father was one of Mimidoa’s prized students, making matters even more personal for the blacksmith.

Once you finish talking to Mimidoa, head to the lighthouse’s entrance in Western La Noscea (X:16.1, Y:30.7). Mimidoa’s already informed the lighthouse guard, Davyd, of your intent to storm the lighthouse. After a brief conversation with the guard, Pharos Sirius will be unlocked.

You need to have at least a level 50 Disciple of War of Magic job and an average item level of 48 to enter the dungeon.

While it’s an easy dungeon to clear with unsynced characters, you may encounter it in your duty roulettes.

We’ll cover each boss and their mechanics below to help you during your synced runs.

Boss #1: Symond the Unsinkable

Symond, one of the drowned sailors / Final Fantasy XIV
Symond, one of the drowned sailors

This boss may get a bit overwhelming if his HP drops down too quickly and summons too many hounds. If your party is having trouble with this, slow your DPS down so you have enough time to kill the hounds.


  • Piercing Thrust: A tankbuster attack on the primary target. Mitigate and heal through the damage.
  • Corrupting Shot: A narrow line attack that applies a stacking “Corrupted Crystal” debuff on hit. Once the debuff reaches three stacks, the affected player will be hit with an AoE explosion and get a stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuff.
  • Zombie War Hound: The boss will summon up to three hounds at a time. Focus on killing these hounds whenever they spawn.
  • Corrupting Spit (Zombie War Hound): The hounds will target the tank with circle AoEs that go off almost instantly. These AoEs also apply the “Corrupted Crystal” debuff. Kill the hounds before they even start casting.
  • Crystalline Shot: The boss will drop up to two AoE puddles that apply the “Corrupted Crystal” debuff. These puddles expand up to two times, so stay far away from the initial puddle.
  • Giga Slash: A huge point-blank knockback AoE. If this attack is used when “Crystalline Shot” puddles are still on the floor, make sure you get knocked back into safe zones.


  • 5 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Name Type Rarity
Demagogue Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Wristlets Bracelets Dungeon (Green)
Austere Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Espadrilles Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Pattens Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Jackboots Feet Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Sabatons Feet Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Leg Guards Feet Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Leggings Feet Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Duckbills Feet Dungeon (Green)
Thick Sollerets Feet Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Moccasins Feet Dungeon (Green)
War Caligae Feet Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Ring Ring Dungeon (Green)

Boss #2: Zu

Mama Zu / Final Fantasy XIV
Mama Zu


  • Zu Eggs: At the start of the fight, you’ll notice eggs placed around the arena. These eggs will hatch in batches of three or four. Destroying one egg gives the boss eight stacks of “Brood Rage,” increasing her damage (max of 16). If you destroy three eggs, she’ll continuously use “Flying Frenzy.” This attack can easily melt the primary tank and wipe the party afterward.

    To handle this mechanic, only kill up to two hatching eggs and kill the Zu minions that spawn. Focus on killing spotted eggs to prevent “Zu Cockerels” from spawning.
  • Flying Frenzy: The boss will slam onto the primary target, stunning them for seven seconds and applying a stacking “Vulnerability Up” debuff. Only kill up to two eggs at a time to avoid this attack altogether.
  • Sonic Boom: Targets a random player with a single-target attack that applies a 20-second “Windburn” DoT. Dispel the DoT as soon as possible.
  • Breath Wing: A room-wide AoE attack. Mitigate and heal through the damage.
  • Zu Pullet: A baby Zu that also uses “Breath Wing.” Kill these as soon as possible.
  • Zu Cockerel: A stronger baby minion that can use “Caustic Vomit.” Prioritize the cockerels over the pullets.
  • Caustic Vomit (Zu Cockerel): The minion will mark a player and hit them nine times in a row. Kill the cockerel as soon as possible.
  • Alight + Sonic Storm: The boss will gain a “Hover” buff at 50% HP, making her untargetable. Then, she’ll drop three consecutive “Sonic Storm” AoE circles on the primary target. Since the attack goes off quickly, the targeted player should run around the arena to bait the AoEs.


  • 10 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Name Type Rarity
Austere Ringbands Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Halfgloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Armguards Hands Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Mitts Hands Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Gloves Hands Dungeon (Green)
Thick Vambraces Hands Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bracers Hands Dungeon (Green)
War Mitt Gauntlets Hands Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Monocle Head Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Mask Head Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Elmo Head Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Circlet Head Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Celata Head Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Goggles Head Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Helm Head Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Thick Chain Coif Head Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Bandana Head Dungeon (Green)
War Mesail Head Dungeon (Green)

Boss #3: Tyrant

Tyrant the Deathgaze / Final Fantasy XIV
Tyrant the Deathgaze

This boss has relatively low HP and most of its mechanics can be easily skipped with enough DPS.

Note: You need to close both Aether Valves on the way to this arena before the boss can spawn.


  • Whipcrack: A single-target attack on the primary tank.
  • Aeroblast: A room-wide AoE attack that applies a 14-second “Windburn” DoT. Heal through the damage and dispel the DoTs.
  • Zombie Sailors: The deathgaze will summon sailor mobs that should be killed immediately.
  • Bombination: A point-blank AoE attack. Move out of melee range to dodge.


Name Type Rarity
Demagogue Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Earrings Earrings Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Choker Necklace Dungeon (Green)

Boss #4: Siren

The alluring Siren / Final Fantasy XIV
The alluring Siren


  • Deathly Verse: The boss will target a random player with the “Siren Song” status for 18 seconds. If the affected player doesn’t reach 100% HP before it ends, they will get an 8-second “Confused” debuff, causing them to attack their allies. Healers should top off anyone affected to remove the status.
  • Song of Torment: A single-target attack that applies a 14-second “Bleeding” DoT. This can be dispelled.
  • Zombie Storm Private & Sergeant: The boss will summon three minions at a time that must be killed immediately. Focus on the sergeant first as they latch onto players with “Death Throes.” This debuff renders anyone unable to move or use skills until the sergeant is killed.
  • Wallop (Zombie Storm Private): A basic line attack on a random player that can’t be dodged. Kill the private before the cast goes off.
  • Deathly Cadenza or Feral Lunge: The boss will fly up in the air and cast one of two moves. If the boss lands in the center, she’ll use “Deathly Cadenza”, a donut AoE that applies “Siren Song.” If she lands outside the arena, she’ll use “Feral Lunge,” a non-telegraphed rushing attack. If she lands in the center, move inside her hitbox. If she lands outside, move out of her path.
  • Lunatic Voice: A room-wide AoE attack that applies a 30-second “Reduced Immunity” debuff. This debuff reduces the HP healing that a player receives. Interrupt this skill using “Interject” (for tanks) or “Head Graze” (for ranged DPS). Otherwise, heal through the AoE and dispel the debuffs.


  • 15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Siren Triple Triad Card (not guaranteed)
Name Type Rarity
Austere Cowl Body Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Gown Body Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Mail Body Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Tabard Body Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Cuirass Body Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Jacket Body Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Acton Body Dungeon (Green)
Thick Haubergeon Body Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Tunic Body Dungeon (Green)
War Harness Body Dungeon (Green)
Austere Tights Legs Dungeon (Green)
Blessed Slops Legs Dungeon (Green)
Demagogue Chausses Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hetairos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Hoplite Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Lord’s Trousers Legs Dungeon (Green)
Noble’s Brais Legs Dungeon (Green)
Peltast Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Strategos Breeches Legs Dungeon (Green)
Thick Skirt Legs Dungeon (Green)
Toxotes Kecks Legs Dungeon (Green)
War Subligar Legs Dungeon (Green)
Faded Copy of A Light in the Storm Orchestrion Roll Basic

Extra Treasure Coffers

One of the extra treasure coffers inside the Pharos Sirius lighthouse / Final Fantasy XIV
One of the extra treasure coffers inside the Pharos Sirius lighthouse

Apart from the boss rewards, there are four treasure coffers located throughout the dungeon that you can open for more gear rewards:

  • (X:11.1, Y:10.6)
  • (X:11.1, Y:10.9)
  • (X:10.4, Y:12.3)
  • (X:12.0, Y:11.0)

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